Imaginary Telescope

Jan 4, 2019 · 4 min read

What’s this work?

The Imaginary Telescope is a story about how to see the world through scientific point of view. Because most people in the world are always astonished by objects and phenomena outside the world. But, in fact, almost all amazing things are inside the world. So this is the reason I created this work, to show you how amazing our world is through The Imaginary Telescope.

I’ve seen your works in the past few years, this work is more abstract than other works. Why have you changed the style to be like this. What’s the turning point or influence?

In my first year as a photographer, I was very interested in street photography. It seemed like everyday was an adventure. I always hoped to find beautiful moments in every corner. I also wanted to be famous and win street photography competitions. I kept searching for new experiences everyday until one day I asked myself “Why do I take photos?” And finally I realized that I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings to others. So I defined my own photography since then.

What do you think about photo works of Thai photographers right now? and what the tendency is coming?

Photography communities in Thailand are very strong. We have lots of ways to support and help for improving each other. However, new ideas and styles are very difficult to emerge in our country. In my opinion, we are trying too much to be like our idols but don’t respect our souls which always tell us what we actually want. While some photographers are creating works in the same way, some new photographers have started to follow their own hearts and thought differently. They are trying to create conceptual arts or abstract arts much more than before which I think that will be a new trend in our country.

Any news or updates?

This work will be exhibited until 10 February 2019 at Window Gallery and Cafe. My other works are also published on and Instagram : titi.kittikorn

Sirawit Kuwawattananont (Titi)
A physics tutor and part-time photographer. Sirawit lives and shoots photos in Bangkok.

Instagram: titi.kittikorn

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