Just Small Hiccups

Say something about yourself

My father once told me that my world is like a black and white image, but I guess my heart has found it’s own colors.

What is this series?

It is a journey between past and present. I photographed the feelings that arose in the house full of memories, with it’s garden and the nearby forest. This photographic story is a poem, made from a deeply personal point of view, however portraying the universal feelings to understand life. With the pictures and texts it addresses growing up, how we see ourselves and each other in a family.

When and how did you start this series?

I started this story on 2012, when I moved back to my childhood home with my own family.

My childhood hometown Hyvinkää is small kind of grey town in southern Finland, but it is the place where all my dreams have started. This story is photographed during 2012 to 2014. My first monograph, carrying the same title as the series, Just Small Hiccups was published fall 2016, by the world’s leading publishers of photo books, Kehrer Verlag.

Any news or updates?

I have right now Just Small Hiccups solo exhibition in Karjaa, in Finland in Photographic Centre Raseborg. It is open until 28th of March. I’m now working with my new series “Trace” and I will exhibit it in my solo show in Gallery Nykyaika in Tampere, in Finland in November. I’m also working in artist collective Takamaa.

Anni Hanén (b. 1981) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. The reflections of her own childhood combined with her child’s view creates a visual dialogue between mother and son, past and present. This language they create together expresses emotions, remembrance and memories. She received her BA (2010) and MA (2013) from Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Media from Photography in Helsinki. Since 2004, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions and has received various grants. annihanen.com