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Metempsicosi Plastica

Say something about yourself?

My name is Noemi Comi, I am a 23 years old Italian photographer. I’m studying at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. My photography is always evolving and follows a multidisciplinary path. My intent is to combine multiple different disciplines, especially art and science.

What is this series?

This is a hybrid series that combines digital and film photography, born thanks to the discovery of an old photo album. It is titled “Metempsicosi plastica” a reference to the Methempsychosis theory. It is an ancient Greek philosophy which is similar to reincarnation and describes the process of a soul being transferred to another body. In fact the purpose is to reconcile the photographic soul of the past with that of the present, to create completely new “life forms”.

How/When did you start this series?

I started the series last year, when an album from my family was found. My parents had asked me to digitize and restore the photographs, but I preferred to give them another “life” in a different way. I tried to insert my contribution, highlighting those elements that they had asked me to remove such as dust, scratches and mold.

What do you want to tell the audience about this work?

With the advent of digital it is increasingly rare to find paper family albums, our memories are increasingly vague, scattered. Give value to these images, there are countless stories behind them, sometimes bily, sometimes moving. Lay the groundwork for what could be a picture of the future, but don’t forget about the past!

Noemi Comi (1996) is a conceptual and documentary photographer born in Catanzaro (Italy). She studied Photography at Laba (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence and at the same time she followed a mentorship course with Steve Bisson by Urbanautica Institute. In addition she received a special mention at Premio Pesaresi in 2019.

Her photography is always evolving and follows a multidisciplinary path. She wants to combine art and science trying to break down any taboo. Her works follow a well-defined aesthetic, dominated by strong colors and surreal atmospheres.





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