The City of Snow

Aug 18, 2017 · 5 min read

Say something about yourself

I’m approached to photography at the age of 17 years thanks to the passion of my father, who gifted me an old Pentax for my birthday. I’m started to experiment photography.

From 2012 to 2015 I have studied at the Roman school of photography , where I’ve acquired the techniques from analogue to digital.

From 2015 I attend the D.O.O.R. academy, experimenting new techniques of documentary photography.

I’m co-founder of L.I.S.A. collective.

What is this series?

Malagrotta is the biggest dump in Europe, now closed because it is full.

Around it there is evidence of environmental pollution and degradation, increased over the years and now indelible.

In this project, I offers a my personal view of the entire area now abandoned to itself; area that, more than others, clearly witnesses how huge and existing the environmental pollution is. The numbers on the photos are the data of water analysis in the landfill area.

4,500–5,000 tons of waste are tipped every day in the biggest dump in Europe, Malagrotta where life seems to be far away and nature finds its strenght which becomes enduring and unrestrainable.

During the night a parallel city emerges which is made up of smokes, fires and shadows together with an unendurable stench and a white, thick cloud: it is the City of Snow.

How/When did you start this series?

I started this series about 2 years ago and I’ve finished the work in March 2017. The work is started because I live near the Malagrotta area and so I decided to denounce the problems of this area very closed to me, but at the same time, very far for the other people.

What message do you want to tell the audience?

The city of snow was born from the will to tell an important and present problem as environmental pollution, particularly in a so forgotten and exploited area of ​​Rome, Malagrotta.

Now I want to tell the environmental disaster created by man.

Any news or updates? Exhibition, book, life?

I’ve just published a fanzine of this work called “The city of snow” and in September will be published the book.

Furthermore, with the Lisa collective, I’m always searching new ideas and experimentations for work.



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