Unintentionally Connected

Nov 17, 2016 · 3 min read

Can you tell me about yourself?

Hi, My name is Hun and I’ve been shooting SP for couple years. I’m also a member of Street Photo Thailand for almost 2 years.

What is this project?

It’s about the connection of my senses, how I see things and moments at the different period. But somehow those images unintentionally convey similar or somewhat opposite messages. I think it’s more like a diary that keeps reminding me about the change and development for myself.

Why did you start making this project?

When I started to develop and organize my films. Then I realized that although my senses and perceptions are gradually changing but the style is mostly the same.

How long will you work on this project? Is it finished yet?

I think almost two years, but one year after the first edit. Also, I try to finish it as soon as possible.

What’s your next project? Have you been working on it?

I’ve tried to make my new project more personal which is related to my daily work. I think I’ve been working for more than a year and i hope it will be finished soon, finger crossed :)

Pongsathorn Leelaprachakul

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. First handed camera when he decided to quit playing guitar 10 years ago with some reason. Unintentionally, the passions need to be fulfilled and he saw the quote of “Sound makes music, light makes photography”. Then, realised both of them have somewhat similarity which are related to sensations, perceptions and emotions.

Given his fascination with anticipating and capturing moment of life passing by through the lens, he has just realised the magic of decisive moment that comes in a very single moment of everybody’s ordinary life.

As his wife hardly allows him to go-out shooting, he has to shoot mostly everywhere he goes with her.



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