UIUC Team Profiles: Grizzly Forged Studios

Jan 20, 2016 · 3 min read

Founders and College Entrepreneur here with our debut team profile. Every week we’ll be providing you with a profile on a UIUC student startup. This time, we’re chatting with Grizzly Forged Studios. They recently went through Startup Bootcamp II this fall.


Grizzly Forged Studios, LLC


An on-the-rise group of designers looking to make work out of having fun in a positive, meaningful, and interpersonal way: around the table.


To bring people together in today’s modern and digital age and remind everyone the importance and irreplaceability of physical interaction through games!

Team Members and background

Ben Moy, Ervin Tsay, Alex Corrao, Mark Fuelle, and Sehoon Park; all recent graduates with degrees in Industrial Design, together we have experience working with multiple design firms around the world. As one might imagine, our interests are varied and many — from dinosaurs to Dr. Who — though our ideologies meet in bringing people together, both physically and emotionally.

How did you meet?

We all met in our sophomore year Industrial Design studio with scattered classes here and there. Our first time working together was on a project for the CUDO Plays board game competition. There was birth of Sabotile and we’ve been working together on it ever since!

If you could give your past self advice, it would be to….

Look at all our options. This being our first rodeo, we jumped at many of the early opportunities we had. We should have carefully evaluated all the choices we had at our disposal before we then made a final decision. (If we can sneak in another word of wisdom, meet more potential users and gauge demand beyond the short term!)

Progress so far

We have been finalizing our game components and rules and are working with artists for game graphics. We are in preparation for a Kickstarter campaign in March and since the summer we have been talking with Panda Game Manufacturing, one of the leaders in the board game manufacturing industry. We have also been working with the largest game distribution center in the US, Alliance Game Distributors, in order to lock up domestic retail shipping. We have also been planning the reward tiers our Kickstarter backers can pledge to and talking with YouTube uploaders for video previews of our product.

Next Steps

Grizzly Forged has yet to determine a fulfillment center for household shipping and we are hoping to enter into the Cozad New Venture Competition in the spring. We are looking for business partners with expertise in marketing or programming and would be more than happy to meet potential angel investors. Our big push is to continue creating promotional materials for Kickstarter and rewarding experiences to our loyal supporters!

If you would like to contact us for more information or our thoughts on life, we can be reached at grizzlyforged@gmail.com.


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