10 Life Lessons I Learned From Attending C3 Speaker Series.

The amount of real-world exposure I have gained coming to college has been much educational. I have taken full advantage of every opportunity given to me and it has paid greatly in the end. I’ve received much valuable information from the school body on how I can continue to create a better me and this semester I got the chance to sit front row and experience an event hosted by the C3 called “The Speaker Series”. My name is Alfredo Smith, I am a Senior Business Administration Marketing student at Indiana Tech and I would love to share my experience on how I connected my personal vision with the message I received from the ten amazing professional speakers.

  1. Failure

The first time you fail, it is okay to get back on your feet and figure out why you failed. To me, it is understanding why you fail and what step you must take to succeed. This goes a long way because failure is a part of life. Most times we do not have control of our outcome, whether it be positive or negative, but getting a close grip on what we did wrong and how we can resolve this matter creates the challenge. The idea is to pick yourself up afterward, tackle failure and do not stop fighting until you have won!

2. Innovative

To be innovative means to find the best method in completing a task. Within an organization, it is important to utilize this skill because it separates your mind from your peers. Innovation can grow a company, and make it more competitive against others. As an individual utilizing and building innovation into your personal skills can have a huge impact on an organization. For example, implementing new ideas or new methods for organizational tasks.

3. Side Hustle

Working a 9 to 5 can be quite repetitive, going in at the same time just to clock out at the same time each day. Seeing the same old organizational structure and following an everyday pattern can be quite boring. The way you can utilize your 9 to 5 to help your hustle is to find passion in what you do. A side hustle is anything that brings in an income. Even though a 9–5 can be quite repetitive, the skills needed to complete daily tasks in a timely manner is very important. EmployAbility skills that are performed during a 9–5 are communication, teamwork, thinking skills, decision making, and problem-solving. These skills are a continuous practice that elevates a persons skill level. It is important to create great strength within these and reflect them in your side hustle.

4. Integrity

No matter what you do, do it with the mindset of honor, the same type of honor that you would want to receive from other people as well. This goes along with a scripture that I like, and it says, “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” It is the same with integrity, whatever you do, do it as if you would want the same result.

5. Worth & Value

Sell yourself whether you are at a job interview, a student entering their first day of classes, networking at an event, or competing as an athlete. Your first impression matters and taking that big step to ensure that you leave a great one is quite valuable. A person will not understand your whole life story but they will at least have some type of idea of where your strength and weaknesses lie. For me, I understand my worth and value because of what I have been through and I understand how I can separate myself from others with my first impression. I want people to look at me in a positive way whether it be networking or at a job interview, I will always sell myself.

6. Involvement

Volunteering your time can go a long way and as a young professional, it’s important to know that we all can make a difference as long as we take the right steps to do so. If I look back in my life, I can recall times when individuals devoted their time and effort that’s molded and promoted a positive image in my life. If I can help one person change their life, I have accomplished what many would not do.

7. Support

People that support you will continue to be that balance you need in life but it starts with you. As an individual, you must create an image that portrays good respect and honor. You must be that positive example that a person can speak about. If you began to show much interest in the work that you do and put great effort in, your character will speak for itself. As a student-athlete, my work ethic played a major part in my success. I have shown an image that most persons do not portray. This has by far set me apart from my peers because I can go back grab assistance from any professional individual that I have encountered. As long as you continue to show you are ready to give it your all, people will respect that and pay due where it matters.

8. Realization

Take the time to understand the steps you have taken to get you to this point today. Look back and reflect on the good and the bad and grasp every bit of experience you have gone through that has made you the person you are today. Always remember that everyone has their own path to walk in and their destination to reach. We can not look at someone’s pace and try to manipulate into our own. At this point, we end up crashing and falling into obstacles that set’s us back. For me, understanding each phase of my life is very important because I can look at where I felled short and understand that it happened for a reason. It may have taken longer but I was redirected towards a greater purpose.

9. Experiment

To me, technology is advancing every day and adopting it into a business can improve the way we operate. Companies such as Apple and Google have created a more marketable approach by using their products to connect with individuals to create a more efficient network. They have experimented by test and trial to find solutions on how to bridge the gap by evolving in the world of technology.

10. Resources

Believe it or not but the world is in your hand in every way possible. Take advantage of every resource or opportunity that you come in contact with. Each one will catapult you to greater heights and it will give you much learning experiences.