Presenting “The Machine” from HP

Despite the Era be it Mainframe or PC, for the past 60 years computers have been built in the same way; i.e using general-purpose processors, memory modules, copper connections, tiers of storage etc. Even after the PC era, we saw virtualization simply building software defined versions of the exact same computing fundamentals.

Today the world’s data consumption is increasing exponentially and the present computing trajectory will not be able to handle this growth or load in the years to come. We would run out of space and energy. The key is to find a mechanism or invent an architecture that can generate high levels of performance by consuming substantially lower levels of energy. Example Ratio: 5x more performance at 80x less energy. This pursuit led to creation of “The Machine”, the revolutionary brainchild of HP Labs which would change the way the world did computing.

What is The Machine? Is it a workstation, a server, a data center, a notebook, a smartphone, an operating system..? In near future it can actually represent computing in all of these and many more devises that use some form of computing. The Machine combines 3 primary technologies: SOC (Systems on a Chip) to increase performance, Photonics to reduce energy consumption by using optics for data transmission instead of electrons passing through copper connectors and Fusion so that data doesn’t have to move back and forth between Memory and Storage.

The Machine completely rethinks and rearchitects processing, connectivity, memory and storage. Using a powerful combination of Electrons, Photonsand Ions to effectively compute, efficiently transmit and economically store, allows The Machine to process and scale exponentially.

Inspired by Martin Fink & HP Labs

Best, Shane

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