8 core values for an impactful business.

Arnaud Rioche
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3 min readJun 21, 2021


Sean Stratton | Unsplash


As a civilization, we are responsible for repairing and preserving our environment for future generations.

As a company, we are responsible for generating economic growth to achieve this goal within the limits of the planet and for positively impacting the world through our social and societal mission.

Long-term vision.

Today’s economy emphasizes short-term profits. Today’s consumption emphasizes immediate gratification.

But change and sustainable wealth creation are long-term processes. Sacrificing the ephemeral satisfaction of immediacy in favor of the happiness of sustainable results allows us to enter a virtuous dynamic of fulfillment.

Courage to change.

If it is presented theoretically in articles, change is extremely popular. As soon as it is put into practice, it is much less popular.

Being an actor of change requires unfailing courage. Saying what others don’t want to hear, giving up the ease of habits.

To change is to have the courage to stay the course despite the difficulties and to remain faithful to one’s convictions.

Humility and willpower.

Changing the world is becoming a relatively common corporate goal. Almost to the point of losing its meaning. Changing the world is a will, which takes place over a long period of time.

Humility is essential to the pursuit of this will. The results will not be disruptive. Taking small steps at a small scale helps to change the world.

It is the number of impacts that will change the world, not an isolated impact, however spectacular.


Being humble doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious. Objectives must be measured and achievable but must aim for bold results.

Ambition allows us to surpass ourselves, to inspire and to unite. But it is also a great way to deal with obstacles and to keep a positive energy.

Coupled with humility, ambition is not a proud will, but a state of mind that allows us to go further.


Respect the planet, the environment, nature, and biodiversity. But also respecting others and respecting oneself.

Everyone has their place, their experience, their skills, their knowledge, their beliefs. The addition of strengths and points of view is always beneficial. Living and working in respect and acceptance of each other multiplies the results of collective intelligence.


Say what you do, do what you say. Clearly state from the outset what pleases you and what may not please you. Be honest and honest, in all circumstances.

Transparency is what will create trust. With this trust, the links with the stakeholders will be more durable, more solid, more efficient. And the human adventure will be stronger and more enriching.

Justice and fairness.

Justice is a fundamental moral value. Everything we do is done fairly, without distinction or discrimination, respecting the law and everyone.

Building new models means above all fighting inequality and acting in a fair and balanced way. Our actions must not create winners and losers. They must be beneficial to all, within the natural limits of our environment.