5 ways to feed the content beast for the next year

Content marketing hacks for busy podcasters

Are you ready for 2018? You have your episodes written and guests lined up, but what about your wider content marketing strategy? Wait, do you even need a content marketing strategy? Yes!

Podcasting itself is a high-impact content platform — it’s intimate, it gives you and the listener flexibility, and it can be monetized. But maintaining a blog, keeping up with social posts, and/or distributing a ,weekly newsletter can help you mature in the space even more. You want to keep your story going well beyond your episodes while bringing value to your audience. I know, I know…producing a podcast AND developing fresh, compelling content on a regular basis seems like a tall order.

The good news is, you’re already sitting on a wealth of great content — your podcast. Repurposing that existing content will not only save some time but also help you a.) engage existing listeners beyond your episodes and b.) pique the interest of new listeners to, wait for it…grow your audience. Here are few ways to feed the content beast for the next year.

  1. Choose the right content.

Let your own success stories dictate the content you publish moving forward. Do some digging into your analytics and identify past episodes (and past posts or videos too) that performed the best. Looking at specific metrics like impressions, social engagement, and views can help you sort and rank. For the year ahead, expand on popular themes, dive deeper into in-demand topics, or maybe invite back a fan-favorite guest.

2. Share it again and again.

To help fill out your content marketing plan for the year ahead, repurposing existing content can go a long way. You’ve done the hard work already, don’t let valuable information that your would-be audience needs just sit there. In addition to targeting potential new listeners, repurposing and recycling content on hand can boost your SEO, reinforce your messaging, enhance credibility, and (this is a big one) save time. This could be as simple as reposting to your social media with a fresh headline, or maybe posting to a site like Quora.

3. Think small.

Gary Vaynerchuk says it best: “When you have something at the top, use it as a source to create other content.” There’s a tremendous amount of micro-content that could be mined from larger pieces of content. Attention spans are shrinking, and competition to stand out is fierce, so being short and sweet is a way to stand out. Bite-sized audio can serve as a teaser for an upcoming episode in a blog post or email blast. Or maybe that audio clip is edited with some visuals to become a shareable video for social.

4. Tap your fans.

Are your fans vocal? Put their love for your podcast to work by making them a part of your strategy. User-generated content (UGC) has been used by major corporations to build their brand in a fun and authentic way as demonstrated by these 10 success stories. Did you know you can tap into this resource as well to boost your credibility?

5. Get visual.

While your audience loves podcasts, remember that most humans are still visual creatures. Creating high-impact, beautiful imagery around your content can not only reinforce your branding but also entice others to go down the rabbit hole with you. Quality stock photos (or a few shots of your own) are great but think outside the box too. Take favorite quotes from your guests or compelling research and turn them into pretty images.

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