DI Versus Baked In Podcast Ads

Which delivery method is right for your campaign? [Infographic]

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Host reads have long served as the gold standard of podcast ads. Some of these host reads have even reached cult status (i.e. the famously catchy MailChimp ads that ran in Serial’s first season). Live host reads, which are recorded and edited directly into the podcast, are what made the medium truly unique and highly appealing for the intrepid advertisers. For the rest? This method of delivery has led to hesitation on the part of more traditional brands. Luckily, things have changed. The rise of podcasting has led to the rise in new technology to support any and every advertiser who wants to be a part of this movement.

What is Dynamic Insertion?

Dynamic Insertion (or DI for short) refers to when an ad is delivered through an ad server. Your spots are pre-recorded by the host(s) and inserted into the content of a podcast or range of podcasts on-demand. Platforms like Megaphone allow for precise scheduling and targeting based on geo-location or reach and frequency objective.

Is it right for my campaign?

DI offers more flexibility when it comes to creative. Recorded ads are seamlessly integrated into natural breaks within the content ensuring your ad gets heard whether a listener downloads a new episode or a newcomer wants to catch up. However, changes can be made at any time to keep messaging fresh and relevant. If you’re a retailer promoting a sale or a seasonal product, there’s no need to worry about your ad creative getting stale or being out of date. DI works with any campaign for any type of advertiser, particularly those who need targeting and/or detailed impression tracking on all ad units.

Are baked in reads still valuable?

Of course! Baked in reads are the ultimate in native advertising as they become part of the fabric of the show. Depending on what the host or hosts are talking about, ads can feel more spontaneous and off the cuff. If your campaign messaging is purely branding and not time-sensitive, baked in ads can be very effective.

So which delivery method is right for your next podcast campaign? We’ve broken it down for you in this infographic.

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