New Year, New You

Pods to motivate you in 2018

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Getting in shape. Eating better. Reading more. Whatever your goal may be for the year to come, there’s a podcast out there to help keep you on track. Don’t have a resolution yet? We picked a few of our favorite pods that are sure to spark some inspiration. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll stick to these resolutions, it’s safe to say you’ll at least learn something new.

One Part Podcast

Resolution #1: Health equals wealth
One Part Podcast with Jessica Murnane

If taking care of yourself is at the top of your list, Jessica Murnane is your girl. From plant-based eating to mental health issues, the One Part Podcast dives deep into all things wellness. Jessica’s past guests include Daina Trout of Health-Ade Kombucha and Amanda Chantal Bacon of MoonJuice. Catch up on her back catalog before her new season launches February 1st.

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Resolution #2: Read all the books
Bookish with Sonya Walger

Whether your reading list needs a refresh, or you just need a break from Netflix, there’s the Bookish podcast. Actress and avid reader Sonya Walger gets her guests (which include Jon Hamm and Julie Bowen, BTW) to open up about the five books that shaped their lives. Cozy up with this new podcast: it’s a real treat for book lovers and literature enthusiasts.

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Science Vs

Resolution #3: Embrace your inner nerd
Science Vs

Are chiropractors for real? What’s killing all the bees? Should we fear GMOs? Host Wendy Zuckerman uses the scientific method to get to the bottom of some hotly debated topics (and the burning questions in your mind). While Wendy delivers some hardcore facts, her humorous and irreverent approach makes learning something new fun.

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Resolution #4: Know your worth
hey, girl.

The hey,girl. podcast wants you to be your best self, whatever life may bring. Author, creative, and Instagram influencer Alex Elle is an advocate for self-love and self-care. Alex unites the stories and voices of diverse women through intimate conversations with those who inspire her the most. Take a listen for lessons on motherhood, dealing with loss, and finding purpose.

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The Amateur Traveler

Resolution #5: Get out more
The Amateur Traveler

Great, you’re finally taking that well-deserved vacation! But how are you going to spend those days? Explore new destinations with host Chris Christensen as he interviews those who know them best. Each of the 500+ location-centric episodes — From Acadia National Park to Zimbabwe — are chock-full of “before-you-go” facts and the must-see sights from local experts and fellow travelers.

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The POD Network

Resolution #6: Kick this parenting thing in the butt
The Parents on Demand (POD) Network

From expecting your first to raising pre-teens, there are plenty of ups and downs that come with parenthood. That’s why The POD Network was built for any parent, at any stage. This collection of 20+ unique, family-focused podcasts will keep you informed and entertained. Check out their dedicated app to easily find and subscribe to the content that meets your needs.

Explore the network here: web | mobile app

Here’s one resolution we can get behind: listen to more podcasts! Which podcasts have you amped for the new year? Tweet us @letscabana or slide into our DMs on Instagram @letscabanadotcom.