Shine on You Crazy Podcasters

The Medium That Lets Originality Shine

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Film studios keep churning out reboots and sequels. TV producers keep trying to make spinoffs a thing. News outlets rip the same headlines from their competitors. They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but one up-and-coming medium is giving us renewed hope. Enter podcasts.

With seemingly limitless possibilities, podcasting is championing originality. Though they’ve been around for over a decade, podcasts are beginning to hit their stride and creators keep finding new ways to push the creative envelope.

While some podcasts educate and inform, many offer just as much as an escape as any summer blockbuster or binge-worthy TV series around. The scripted drama, in particular, has been drawing a lot of attention and continues to break the mold for what can be achieved, solely using audio. Titles such as Welcome to Night Vale and The Bright Sessions have been captivating millions of imaginations, and the demand for these dramas shows no signs of waning.

Now publishers are doubling down. After their sci-fi thriller — The Orphans — became a standout hit, the Nerdy Show Network is making a bigger push towards cinematic-style audio fiction. The genre is also drawing in some pretty big names. Talent such as Amy Sedaris and Mandy Patinkin have crossed over into the podcast world, while Marvel is combining star-power with high-quality production to bring new stories to a broader audience.

Marvel may be taking a more Hollywood-esque approach, but podcasting’s low barrier to entry has allowed even the most independent of creators to tell compelling stories. Creating a quality podcast does not require a massive budget, fancy visual effects, expensive equipment, or an extensive support staff. Podcasters are only limited by their creativity, and that’s creativity they control. Podcasting is a no-holds-barred space where one can let their freak flag fly. The industry respects it and listeners get it. It’s a win-win situation. Podcasters get to bring the ideas inside their head to life with relatively low production costs, while audiences are exposed to something that’s never been heard before.

If you have something original to say, podcasting is the place to be. Here are some tips to make your podcast shine:

Be a great storyteller.

Whether you’re starring as yourself or playing a character, you are a storyteller. A great storyteller doesn’t just retell the account of imaginary or real people and events, they bring the audience along for the journey through the high points and struggles. Get listeners to connect with the protagonist(s) by using compelling language that engages your listeners in fun and exciting ways.

Use your own brand identifiers.

Just as most brands have their own audio identifiers (think the “bell” in Taco Bell), your brand should also have its own sound. Pick a unique intro and theme music throughout that will be instantly recognizable by fans. Think outside the box, get quirky, but whatever you do, get permission. Or better yet, produce it yourself.

Build suspense.

Like any good blockbuster, it’s all in the anticipation. Create an audio teaser trailer to entice listeners to tune in. And keep them wanting more by sharing bonus content, outtakes, cast interviews, and behind the scenes snippets before the episode drops.

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