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Meet the Cool Kids Behind idobi Radio

Nick and Mike with The Summer Set’s Stephen Gomez

A trendsetter for over 15 years, idobi has become the go-to destination for lovers of pop-punk, alternative, and hardcore. The network, which includes flagship alt-rock online pureplay station idobi Radio, as well as specialty channels — idobi Howl and idobi Anthm — caters to an increasingly hard-to-reach audience, making it a must-have for media buyers. The idobi listener is a true fan, but they don’t just listen, they live and breathe the lifestyle. That’s clear to see, considering they spend an average of 118 minutes per session (that’s 3x Spotify’s!), but that’s not the only thing that makes idobi really unique. Idobi is a rare find in that it offers the best of both worlds — streaming content and live weekly programming hosted by industry insiders.

idobi fans never want to miss out

You want influencers? You got ‘em! Though their tastes may vary, they can all agree on one thing: music rules. Their passion for music and sharing that passion is contagious, which has led them to attract extremely loyal followings. Brands can tap into that influential power, creating native content that entertains and engages, including social media opportunities that deliver increased visibility and exposure that extend beyond the idobi platform, helping to build brand awareness in an authentic way.

They’re redefining what it means to be a radio show host. Let’s meet the young and talented personalities leading the way.

Nick Major

Nick Major

Listenership: 60K

Social reach: 60K

Fun fact: He’s a triplet, which is way cooler than being a twin

From hosting his own radio show to interviewing his idols and broadcasting from red carpets, Nick Major is living the dream. It all started when he was working at Hot Topic and the founder of Alternative Press stumbled into his store and offered him a gig creating video content. But it was Nick’s goofball antics combined with his confident swagger that turned him into a major (no pun intended) social media star. Nick brings his fans into the fold with his live, listener-interactive show on idobi where those tuning in are encouraged to tweet along, suggest songs, and call in. The back-and-forth banter between Major and his triplet brother / unofficial co-host Geoffrey, leads to 60 minutes of unscripted, unpredictable conversations on music, video-games, movies, politics, current events, and more. You can still find Nick in front of the camera too as co-star of idobi’s first original web series, Vandals.

Tune into to The Nick Major Show Mondays at 7 PM ET

Mike “Fish” Fishkin

Mike Fishkin (AKA Fish)

Listenership: 68K

Social reach: 6K

Fun fact: Lives on the west coast, but will always be a Mets fan

A self-proclaimed music junkie, Mike “Fish” Fishkin has spent his whole career around music and can’t imagine doing anything else. Mike worked his way up in the radio biz, booking talent and coordinating guest interviews for idobi’s The Gunz Show in 2009. It was a few years later when he joined his college’s radio station to hone his hosting skills, becoming one of the most popular DJs. In 2013 he re-joined idobi as host of Gone Fishkin. Ever since, he has grown Gone Fishkin into one of the station’s flagship primetime shows. Now based in LA, Fish is in the prime location to hear “what’s next” first and share it with his listeners. Entertaining interviews, fresh pop punk, and slightly awkward stories convert first-time listeners into devoted followers by the end.

Catch Gone Fishkin Thursdays at 9 PM ET

Sara “Scoggs” Scoggins

Sara Scoggins (AKA Scoggs)

Listenership: 72K

Social reach: 3K

Fun fact: Has Paramore’s Last Hope lyrics tattooed on her arm

For Sara “Scoggs” Scoggins it’s all music, all the time. A former music editor for Buzznet, she broke the mold at idobi, becoming the network’s first female voice as host of Let’s Talk Music. Broadcasting live from LA, she carefully curates new and beloved alternative pop tracks while taking listener requests via social media. While Sara may bring on big name artists like Dashboard Confessional from time to time, her fans are the real stars of the show.

Let’s Talk Music airs every Tuesday at 9 PM ET

Patrick Walford

Patrick Walford

Listenership: 40K

Social reach: 4.5K

Fun fact: He may be hardcore, but has a soft spot for his cats

Patrick Walford’s education in punk rock and progressive metal started in his early teens, and he has been hooked ever since. In high school Walford knew he wanted to go into broadcasting, even interviewing bands for his school’s paper. But he shifted his sights from TV to radio after submitting a demo to his college radio station. Rock the Walls, a showcase of the music genres and up-and-coming bands Walford loves, was born. After finishing school, idobi picked up the show in 2011 — the rest is history. Patrick Walford has built his fan base one interview at a time with sharp insights into new and established heavy artists. With over 400 interviews under his belt, he has emerged as trusted voice in the industry.

Tune into Walford on idobi Howl Thursdays at 8 PM ET

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