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It’s Ok to Microdose Intuitively

How to choose a microdosing protocol? Sometimes no protocol is best.

microdosing protocol how to microdose
What microdosing protocol to choose?

Hello people!

This week I started a microdose course that the excellent Microdosing Institute offers and I admit that at first, I was — pitifully — skeptical that I would learn more about microdosing. Nevertheless, since the first lesson, I could already hear bells ringing, and just like a jig-saw puzzle, a clear picture assembled itself in my mind.

Cambridge Dictionary Def.:

Microdose —”The practice of taking a very small dose of a psychedelic drug in order to become better at solving problems or at thinking of new ideas, or to treat medical problems such as anxiety, depression, or headaches”

By the end of the course, it was clear that I grossly underestimated the power of implementing sacred tools into a balanced lifestyle.

As a psychedelic explorer, I usually organize my schedule to fit one psychedelic journey with a macro dose every couple of months, or more. Psychedelic researcher James Fadiman Ph.D. mentions in his book that the ideal time to leave in between journeys is at least 6 months.

Fadiman argues that fundamental personality changes — that are often induced by the psychedelic trance — take around one year to stabilize.

This course I am watching right now is preparation for the Institute’s 6-week program that just started this week and I’ll be following closely. Join me when you want:

Today I want to talk about one thing that was said during the course that caught my attention:

Can I Follow no Protocol?

Having had the privilege to work speaking about psychedelics professionally I often get asked the same questions and one of the most frequently asked questions about microdosing is “how often do I take it?” what is a good ‘protocol’?

A protocol is your microdosing routine; What dose, of what substance in what schedule.

Usually, when I am asked this question I say that the most popular ones are:

  • Dose every 2 days;
  • Dose every 4 days;
fadiman microdosing protocol
Example: Fadiman Protocol — 1 Dose every 2 days. — Image from the Microdose Institute course

The important is to keep at least one day in between doses.

However, when I talk to microdose veterans about what protocol they use, I often get told that they don’t really follow any specific schedule and they do it intuitively. This sounds strange to me because if you don’t really feel the effects, then how can you calibrate?

This is a common misconception, especially if you have never experimented with microdosing. The thing is; you don’t really introduce a microdose routine because of how it makes you feel, but because of the improvements that you notice.

The key here is to observe.

Observe with a non-reactive, non-judgmental mindset. Note how the microdose affects your day, and calibrate your protocol in real-time. With enough experience, I bet you will land on a consistent microdose protocol that is made to fit your lifestyle.

microdosing protocol how to microdose
Image from the Microdose Institute course

Meanwhile, I think that it is super interesting to start exploring by navigating the paths that work for others and start exploring from there. I believe that in order to develop a healthy microdosing community it is imperative that we talk openly about our routines and how they affect us so that we can safely improve our lives with the responsible use of sacred tools.

So if you are giving yourself a headache trying to decide on a microdosing schedule, the best thing I can tell you is that you will only know when you explore it by yourself and slowly design a protocol that helps you achieve your objectives.

Have a great week, psychonauts!




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