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Pablo Carranza
Cabify Tech
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1 min readFeb 27, 2019


The infinite space between words

The story of 2 tech centers

The first distributed team I had to deal with was in AWS — it was a team split with 2 junior people in Seattle and a team of 4 people in Dublin. The two offices were 8 time zones apart.

The way we faced the challenge was to give components of a system to each side to develop. But because there were more people (and more seniority) on the Dublin side, they were supposed to review the code for Seattle, thus Seattle spent most of the time waiting.

Having 2 teams, 2 tech centers, 2 views — we started spending a lot of time in meetings (in the 2 hours overlap that we were able to stretch out) to concentrate all the discussions and try to reach consensus as a single team

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