20 Genuine Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is a messy task. You need to put away a lot of kitchen appliances and daily requirements for two to three weeks to get the kitchen ready for work again. But we know the idiom “a coin has two sides”. If painting kitchen cabinets is troublesome, then you should also know about the benefit you can reap from it.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a good way of saving money in kitchen remodeling. While you paint your kitchen cabinets, your kitchen looks new and shining and you save a huge amount of money that would have been wasted in kitchen remodeling.

But before you head towards painting kitchen cabinets, you need to read these 20 points in details so that you do not commit a blunder while painting:

1. Get the paint right:

The regular wall paints are not for painting the cabinets because they do not suit the surface of the cabinet. While you clean the cabinets regularly, the paint will wither away. In order to paint your kitchen cabinets, you should always use paints meant particularly for cabinets. This type of paints costs a little much but it’s worth the cost.

2. Choose the Colors that compliments kitchen appliances:

See what are the appliances that are there in your kitchen. The kitchen cabinet color must go with the appliances in your kitchen. This will make you kitchen look a lot better.

3. Get the hardware removed:

All of the screws, hinges and knobs need to be removed before you start to paint your kitchen cabinets otherwise they will get ruined because of paint.

4. Get the hardware organized:

When you have removed all the hardware, keep in mind which hardware is for which door. If you can’t remember all, then put them in different plastic bags and keep them separated by numbers or labels.

5. Get Your kitchen cabinets packed well:

Pack all the cabinets well so the paints do not ruin any part and when the painting is over, the things can be returned to their particular places.

6. Get the curtains removed and clear the counter tops:

Remove all the curtains and everything from the counter tops so that the paint do not stain anything.

7. Get a lot of sandpaper in stock:

You need to get a lot of sandpapers in your stock and they proof to be very useful while getting the primer or painting done.

8. Get a lot of tack cloths:

Tack cloths are equally important like the sand papers. The tack cloths are used to clean the surface and wipe the dirt away.

9. Get oil bases primer:

A oil base primer is better than the water base primer because it doesn’t get discolored easily.

10. Get the primer tinted:

If you want to paint your kitchen in dual colors, then better buy a light color primer and then get the primer tinted. It will save your money to buy another color.

11. Get canvas drop clothes:

This is very necessary because when you paint, the paints drop here and there and can stain. Canvas drop clothes do not get stained by the paint drops easily.

12. Get Paint trays:

Put the disposable trays in your actual trays so that it helps you while painting, giving you a strong surface and once you have finished, just throw it away.

13. Get right brushes :

Brushes make the maximum amount of difference, because if these are not set right, then your complete painting will be a disaster.

14. Get plastic wraps to seal your brushes or rollers:

If you keep your brushes and rollers wrapped up in a plastic wrap throughout the night, then the paint won’t get wet and they will be ready to be used for the next day.

15. Get the right paint roller:

Get the right and ideal rollers for your cabinet. So that the paint do not splatter here and there but correctly paint the cabinets.

16. Get the painter’s tape:

Put this tape while you paint so that the paint does not touch the places that you do not want to get painted.

17. Get the cabinet doors painted first:

It’s better to get the cabinet doors painted at first so that they can get more time to dry and then do not disturb in your later painting routine.

18. Get the paints light:

Light color paints are better and look really beautiful. But of course, the light color should be suitable to the wall color and appliances of your kitchen.

19. Get the inside of the cabinet painted:

Sometimes people leave the inside of the cabinet. It looks bad, so it’s better to get the inside part of the cabinet painted just like the outside.

20. Get the hardware cleaned:

You have been cooking in the kitchen for years, it is natural to find the hardware very dirty. They will not match the newly painted kitchen. To get the hardware match the newly painted kitchen, you need to clean them up.

So these are the points that you need to ponder on while you start painting your kitchen cabinet.