Top 7 Amazing Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Your Grey Cabinets

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Mar 29, 2018 · 4 min read
Grey Kitchen Countertop

Grey kitchen Cabinets are always the top choice among the countless available cabinets. The reason behind the pick for grey kitchen cabinet is that it goes well with different styled and colored countertops. Unlike other colors, the grey color shade to your kitchen provides a neutral effect and hence you can pick from dull to dark countertops.

Let us check the top 7 amazing countertop ideas that work well with your Grey kitchen cabinets:

Granite Countertop with Grey Cabinets

Granite finds the top position in the countertop lists with the grey cabinets as the granite countertop is durable and comes in different shades when compared to other countertops. Granite countertop is versatile and easily blends well with any kitchen style. Hence, granite countertop gives a perfect completion of the grey cabinets.

Granite Countertop with Grey Cabinets

Granite countertops also offer multiple shades to choose from. You can pick the colors of the granite based on the kitchen style and colors.

White Countertop with Grey Cabinets

White and grey color is an exemplary combo and it also works well with your kitchen cabinets. The white countertop with matches all the kitchen styles, so when you are confused with multiple ideas, you can always pick the white countertop.

White Countertop with Grey Cabinets

Having said white, you can choose a couple of variety in it like pure white, white with color splashes, white glass, or white and grey mixed shades from durable laminate to engineered quartz. Again, the white and grey combination countertop and cabinets bring the ideal foundation to your kitchen.

Black Countertop with Grey Cabinets

While coming to the extreme end of the color spectrum from white, it’s black. Next to the white color countertop for the kitchen, preceding combination will be black countertop with grey cabinets. Like the white countertop, you have lots of varieties in black countertop too like the laminates, engineered quartz, glass and natural stone granite.

But when you are choosing black countertop, you need to be more cautious about the kitchen lighting as the black color looks darker in the kitchen. In order to compensate that darkness of the black countertop, prefer white or light-color flooring to create an alluring contrasting effect.

Marble Countertop with Grey Cabinets

Naturally, marble countertop matches well with . Even though the cost of the marble countertop is slightly higher, it gives a luxury finish to your grey kitchen cabinet. Even though your kitchen style is either traditional or transitional, marble countertop with grey cabinet can suit that style better.

Marble Countertop with Grey Cabinets

You can enhance your kitchen’s look by adding some cool colors and metals along with marble countertops. A finished marble countertop with grey cabinets provides a monochromatic look to the kitchen.

Wooden Countertop with Grey Cabinets

If you need to add an interesting and contrasting look to your kitchen, you can prefer wooden finished countertops with grey cabinets. If you are a cooking addict and need more kitchen space, you can pick the wooden countertop for your kitchen.

You can check with the countertop fabricator, to ensure which wood type matches with the grey cabinets. Also check the durability of the wood that you prefer to use, as different woods give different longevity.

Concrete Countertop with Grey Cabinets

A concrete countertop with grey cabinets will be the right choice for either modern or contemporary kitchen style. When you are selecting a concrete countertop, you get more options customizaton. So you can enhance the look of your kitchen in multiple ways. And this concrete countertop is highly durable.

With concrete countertop, you can customize more with glass and other materials to create interesting looks.

Caramel Rhine Quartz Countertop with Grey Cabinets

Our final pick for the grey cabinets is neutral-color caramel rhine quartz. Grey cabinets look good with earth tones, and when there are dark shades, the quartz helps to brighten up the look and appearance. Quartz countertop hides the dirt in the kitchen and it is extremely durable like granite and marble.

With Caramel Rhine Quartz countertop in your kitchen, you are free from color distorting, damages, and chips.


These above countertops ideas work well with grey cabinets in your kitchen. You can choose from these countertops and customize according to your essence, taste, and kitchen style. These ideas when executed properly, you are guaranteed with an attractive and monochromatic kitchen. Happy remodeling!!

Cabinet DIY

Welcome to CabinetDIY, the house of great priced all wood RTA (Ready To Assemble) kitchen and bath cabinets that direct ship to your door.

Cabinet DIY

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Cabinet DIY

Welcome to CabinetDIY, the house of great priced all wood RTA (Ready To Assemble) kitchen and bath cabinets that direct ship to your door.

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