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$CGT is Now a Whitelisted Asset on!

Trade real, investment-grade gold on 1inch Exchange!

We are happy to announce that CACHE Gold Token ($CGT), is now a whitelisted asset and is currently trading on, a DEX aggregator that offers efficient swapping routes across 32 top decentralized liquidity sources and a unique GasToken called $CHI, which users can burn when trading to save up to 42% compared to regular Ethereum fees.

We like to view as Skyscanner or Google flights but for Crypto trading!

As reported by Coinbase, has successfully closed a $12m funding round last month, led by Pantera Capital.

Trade CGT-USDT and thousands of other pairs now at:

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What are $CGT tokens?

Each CGT token represents ownership of 1 gram of investment-grade gold, with the verifiable physical location of your bullion visible on the blockchain. The supply and integrity of CGT tokens are powered by the innovative GramChain asset tracking system, which tracks assets on the Ethereum blockchain and provides advanced security features such as tamper-evident, RFID tagged parcels.

$CGT currently boasts more liquidity than any other gold-backed token on Uniswap, and at over $1.4 million USD (at the time of writing) is over 2.5x the next closest gold-token competitor. This places CGT in the top 100 most liquid tokens on Uniswap.

How does work? How do I buy gold?

Trade CGT-USDT and more at: automatically finds users great prices for their crypto trades by providing cost-efficient trading paths, across numerous popular liquidity sources such as Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor, DeFi Swap, 0x, Sushiswap, and dozens more.

To start buying real, investment-grade gold ($CGT) simply connect your wallet to the platform to get started.

Once connected, choose the pair you wish to trade and the amount. Compared to regular exchanges, users will see two unique options, ‘Maximum return’ and ‘Lowest gas cost.’

Don’t panic! These are here to help you save on fees.

The ‘Maximum return’ option uses more complex routes for your token swap, perhaps across multiple exchanges or trading pairs. Alternatively, if you’re making smaller trades, the ‘Lowest gas cost’ option may save users fees by instead focusing on lower transaction fees.

An example of the route a big token swap from $USDT to $CGT may take when using the ‘Maximum return’ option
Read more about the CHI GasToken here.

Under the advanced settings, users can select ‘Activate Chi’ to burn $CHI tokens from their balance instead of Ethereum gas. This can result in transaction fees up to 42% cheaper than usual! Still need help using Read the full guide here.

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