Announcing Cacher for Chrome/Firefox

Rui Jiang
Rui Jiang
Mar 13 · 2 min read

TLDR: The new Cacher browser extension makes it easy to create code snippets from examples on the web. Install it via the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

The mission of Cacher has always been to centralize snippet management for pro developers and their teams. Today we’re taking another step in that direction by make it simple to preserve technical knowledge from the web.

Here are a few highlights of Cacher’s new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Create snippets from code blocks

With the Cacher extension installed, you will see a Save to Cacher button in the top-right corner of every code block. Click it to launch the Cacher snippet editor, where you can add a description, apply labels or assign a code reviewer before saving.

Example of a StackOverflow code example with Cacher enabled

Save any GitHub Gist

Cacher inserts a Save to Cacher button to the header of any Gist page. Click it to open the snippet editor, pre-filled with the Gist’s content.

Launching the snippet editor from a Gist page

Create snippets from selected text

Select any block of text, right click to open the Cacher Context Menu and pick Save Selection as Snippet.

Saving a highlighted paragraph

Create snippets anytime, anywhere

Use the Cacher Action Button in your browser’s extensions toolbar to start a new Cacher snippet whenever inspiration strikes.

Cacher’s snippet editor

We’re excited to hear how you are making use of the browser extension to build your snippet library. Visit our community forums to share your thoughts and feedback.

Cacher is a code snippet organizer for pro developers. Try it at

Rui Jiang

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Rui Jiang

Founder of Cacher, Human Penguin

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