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Rui Jiang
Rui Jiang
Oct 1, 2019 · 3 min read
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We’ve been working hard over the past few months to provide better features and support for an increasingly valuable segment of our user base — enterprise customers. While we started the app with solo professionals in mind, these individuals are often members of larger organizations as well. We’ve recently released these features to help them make the most of Cacher.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML

Our new SSO system enables customers on the Team plan to authenticate Cacher users through their existing SAML-based system.

Adding SSO is a great way to have company users sign up for Cacher without asking them to memorize another password. You can even use your directory service’s (e.g. Azure Active Directory) existing group-based permissions to control access.

In addition, new users can be automatically added to billing accounts and teams, making the onboarding process quick and painless.

SSO is available for accounts subscribed to Team plans with 25+ seats. A $250 setup fee applies for smaller accounts.

Learn more about Enterprise SSO…

HTTP proxies support

Stuck behind a corporate proxy? You can still use the Cacher desktop client. We’ve added the ability to access proxy settings from the bottom-left corner of the Sign-In screen.

Cacher’s HTTP proxy settings dialog

Business info on receipts

You can now add your business address and VAT number (for EU-based customers) to emailed and downloaded receipts. Account managers can edit these details by going to: User Dropdown > Account and Billing > Receipts > Extra Info.

Extra Info settings for receipts

Performance improvements

As part of our initiative to tackle long-standing performance issues, we’ve re-written chunks of the application to make browsing snippets much faster, especially for large team libraries.

A renewed focus on teams

Expect to see many new team-focused enhancements for Cacher in the coming weeks. We’re working hard to make the app easier to adopt and faster to work with everyday. Have an idea how we could make Cacher better for your team? Let us know in our community forum.

Cacher is a code snippet organizer for pro developers — beautiful user-centric UI, integrations for popular editors/IDEs, support for 100+ languages.

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Rui Jiang

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Rui Jiang

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Cacher App

The code snippet organizer for professional developers

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