Tray App Enhancements

Rui Jiang
Rui Jiang
Oct 9, 2018 · 1 min read

We’ve received plenty of user feedback upon releasing the Cacher Tray App two weeks ago. In response, we’ve introduced a few updates to address user concerns and enhance overall functionality.

Configurable global shortcut

Occupying a global keystroke combo is a fraught proposition no matter how useful the app is. Instead of thinking too hard about it, we’re letting Cacher users configure the Tray App global shortcut themselves:

Setting the Tray App global shortcut

Drag-and-drop file upload

In order to make it easier to compose snippets from existing content, we’ve made it possible to drag-and-drop one or more system files into the New Snippet view:

Drag and drop multiple files

The behavior works the same for macOS, Windows and Linux desktop clients.

Getting Started

If you are not yet a Cacher user or haven’t downloaded the Cacher Desktop client, you can do so at:

Cacher is a code snippet organizer for pro developers. Try it at

Rui Jiang

Written by

Rui Jiang

Founder of Cacher, Human Penguin

Cacher App

The code snippet organizer for professional developers

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