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Meet Abhishek, Product Manager for Editage!

Read what our recent winner of the “Product Manager of the Year” award has to say about his #LifeAtCACTUSTech.

What do you really do?

I am the product manager for the Editage platform. I handle the entire customer and end-to-end checkout experience for the website. This includes customer acquisition, increasing engagement on the website, retaining customers and improving overall revenue for the business. I create the entire roadmap for the project, communicate it to the stakeholders, get everyone’s buy in and finally drive it to launch!

What has been your favourite project at CACTUS?

In the last two quarters we had a vision to personalize the user journey for the platform. When you land on our platform, you select what service you want, the pricing that suits your requirements, delivery timelines and finally you’re asked the type of document you want to get serviced. We realized that this was probably the first question to ask a customer and then tailor make the rest of their experience based on that. Because the journey of someone needing editing services for a research paper is completely different from, let’s say, a thesis or a book. This involves looking at things from a big-picture as well as a granular level. This had a great impact as well- business shot up and was one of the most satisfying projects since it was mine from ideation to execution! Winning product manager of the year for my work on the platform as a whole, is just an icing on the cake! :)

How does your role impact the world?

To put it very basically I would say that if the work that I do, I don’t do, then the users will not move forward in the journey and no orders will be placed on the platform. And I would like to think that if researchers are not doing research or getting their papers edited, it won’t move science and humanity forward. We all have a small contribution in the larger scheme of things!

Has CACTUS being remote helped you in any way?

To be honest, I was onboarded virtually as a remote-worker from the start! So before this, I had absolutely no idea that something called remote work even existed. But now that I’ve tasted this, I don’t think I can find anything more flexible and comfortable! Before joining CACTUS, I completed my MBA from the Indian School of Business and prior to that for the past 5 or 6 years I had been living in different cities and not at home. And now, with these two years of remote work, I don’t think it can get any better. I have always been passionate about dancing, and with CACTUS going remote, I have been able to spend a lot more time on choreographing for different occasions.

Abhishek performing at a show that he also choreographed for

Professionally, the teams are spread globally. Our remote first set up with a plethora of tools available ensures that we are virtually connected to everybody and can easily work together.

Which of the CACTUS Ways (guiding principles) do you resonate the most with?

Most people I know choose “dream big and take risks.” That obviously does resonate with me a lot, but a very important CACTUS Way that I relate to is “Speak up and listen actively, differences enrich us”

Dreaming big and taking risks is something that I’ve always done. But listening actively and making sure that our differences are actually helping us enrich our experiences is something that I learned at with practice here.

If you had to describe the tech team in a word, what word would you use to describe the team? The tech team?

Enthusiastic, dedicated and approachable!
(Yes, that’s one word for sure, Abhishek!)

Are you looking for an impactful and enriching career as a product manager? Join us now:



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