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Meet Kunal, our Engineering team lead!

“I’ve come from being a fresher with no industry experience to an Engineering team lead… it’s not usual in the industry” — Read on to know more about Kunal’s journey, his #LifeAtCACTUSTech and more.

What do you really do?

CACTUS has multiple language automation tools. We have tools for grammar correction, text extraction and a statistical thesaurus to name a few. I manage the engineering for all the language automation tools we have! This includes building the product, designing its complete architecture, ensuring a robust working system, managing load and scaling it up as it evolves.

CACTUS is your first job! How has the journey from a fresher to Engineering team lead been like?

I had heard about CACTUS through a friend but always thought it was an editing company. It was only after joining I realized that CACTUS primarily serves authors and the academia space but it is powered by technology and that tech plays a huge in the entire researcher publication journey!

I remember when I joined CACTUS — I was a fresher, no internship, no industry experience, everything was completely new! From the first day itself, I started working with Nishchay, our CTO. And honestly, many a times, I wouldn’t know how to talk or respond. But he made us all feel so comfortable and really inspires us. And I think that motivation he lit up in us from the start is what has got me through these four years. It’s been a steep learning curve for me. I believe I worked hard and CACTUS reciprocated the efforts and that’s something I love about the culture here. In less than four years, I’ve come from being a fresher with no industry experience to an Engineering team lead — it’s not usual in the industry, honestly! I’m also really proud that I have won the “Technology champion” award three times here! :)

What is the favourite part of your role?

The part of my role that I enjoy the most is solving problems by designing scalable solutions. So I’m not really a solution architect, but I work on those lines to a great extent. I also really enjoyed working on one of the early document assessment tools. What is today, Preflight and Paperpal- two really successful products, we started the whole thing — the early document assessment tool.

How does what you do impact the world?

CACTUS works with tens of thousands of researchers across the globe. We found data and tagged metadata around the research and through this process, we eventually identified that we had worked with a Nobel prize winning author! It was amazing to have worked on a project that helped CACTUS identify the great work they were doing in the field of science! Also, in terms of impact, I work on the technology that is powering most of our products and our products really impact the life of researchers!

Which one of the 8 CACTUS ways, our guiding principles, do you resonate the most with?

“Dream big and take risks; overcome the fear of failure” — Again, major credit for this goes to Nishchay (CTO of CACTUS). He always told us that it was okay to fail, but to fail quickly and learn from it. This has really stuck and become a core belief now!

How would you describe the tech team in a word?

So if I have to say just one word, it’s family. Whenever you face a problem in a family, people come together and solve it together. That is what I have seen in this team as well. People always come together to brainstorm, to try and find a solution and everyone works together. That is what makes it fun and excellent to work in tech at CACTUS!

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