Elegoo Tumbller Robot on Solid-Works 〜 Adding the Details

Arna Roy
Arna Roy
Mar 19 · 3 min read

Hello Everybody! Since we had last met, I have been gently working away on my Solid-Works Robot, trying to get her glamorous for the final showcase ! Forthcoming in this blog are outlines of my newest additions ~ some tyre treads, screws and wires !

Rendered Image of Final Robot


I was wholly satisfied with the features my tyre attained from the ‘Rubber Tyre’ Appearance on Solid-Works, but following my extensive search of wheel rim tutorials on YouTube, I was cleverly recommended Tyre Tread designs, so I decided to make an attempt as some lockdown Friday night fun!

Begin by adding a ‘Reference Geometry’ above your tyre at a height you wish for your designs to be. Use the varied sketching tools to make tread patterns on the new plane, in the top left quadrant of the tyre ~ ‘Spline’ for curved patterns, and ‘Line’ for more compartmentalised square patterns. Then, use ‘Mirror Entities’ (my most beloved feature) to imitate the tread designs symmetrically about the horizontal axis. Subsequently, use ‘Extruded Boss/Base’ to extrude inwards from the plane, down to the surface of the tyre to actualise the 3D designs. Use ‘Circular Pattern’ to replicate the design all around the 360° of the tyre, as many instances as you wish!

Schematic Outlining the Process of Creating Tyre Treads

I was so fulfilled from this process, so I was incited to design more tyre treads, and after careful assessment, I resolved on the pattern below.

Process of Creating the Finalised Tyre Tread


Version 1 of the Robot was standing tall primarily by the power of Solid-Works Assembly Mates, so I am hopeful that the inclusion of screws has provided her with some very welcome strength and durability.

I chose a Pan Cross Head Screw, 2mm ⌀ and 2.5mm length. It was necessary to revisit certain individual components and alter dimensions to successfully accommodate the screws in the ultimate assembly, but gratefully, nothing got ‘screwed’ along the process!

Screws Inserted in the Robot Assembly


I was so persistent in incorporating wires in my Robot Assembly, but many imperfect attempts at using Solid-Works ‘Spline’ and ‘Routing’ inspired me to devise a plan that could be actualised.

○ I created cylindrical shapes depicting wires, and used the ‘Flex’ feature to enhance their authenticity! Then, I designed a rectangular casing to neatly house the wires on each tier of the robot!

Schematic Outlining the Process of Creating Wires

Although this is not an exact depiction of the wires on the actual Robot, I can make peace with the fact that I tried my best with what I could do! I think it looks very neat and pretty.

Wires neatly placed in their casing! (An Arna Original ©)
Wires neatly placed in their casing!

The Plan for Moving Forward

As we come to the completion of building a lifelike Solid-Works model of our Robot, I must inform you that I am now engrossed in building my Ping-Pong ball launcher! Follow my Instagram (@engineering.arna) for more frequent updates!

Thank You for following along! ㋡

CAD Model of ELEGOO Tumbller Robot

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