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Welcome to Cadenverse!

Cadenverse is the new decentralized music distribution and game platform powered by blockchain technology. Our mission is to liberate creativity and let everyone create and play with music in a fun way. We want to deliver the best music experience to our players while ensuring transparency and fair payment to content artists in the ecosystem.

Cadenverse: the music multiverse

We describe Cadenverse as a multiverse where players and their characters will freely navigate between different universes to create and play with music.

In this multiverse, players will need to polish their musician skills and complete missions to become the best band. Players will experience different challenges to train, perform and grow their band career. Each musician will have unique skills and abilities.

In this multiverse, users will either “play to earn” as players or “create to earn” as content artists. We are building Cadenverse to be a sustainable and increasingly rich musical environment where all players and creators can have fun while earning real financial benefits in exchange for their contribution to the community.

Blockchain and NFT in the music world

In Cadenverse, blockchain and NFT will be used for 3 purposes:

First, musicians, incarnated by the players, are unique and will grow with their owner. We will use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to provide full ownership of the characters, abilities and associated collectibles to the players.

Second, the music: the songs and sound mixes created on our platform will be NFT collectibles marked with immuable records of their history for their creators. As such, players can freely decide to exchange, give or sell those creations.

Finally, tracking and paying for music rights: music usage has been a major issue of the music industry over the past 30 years. Especially in a digital environment with complex licensing rules and tracking systems. To reward our content artists, we will use a blockchain infrastructure to provide transparency and tracking of created contents.

Looper Band: our first universe

Our first game within the multiverse is “Looper Band”. Players will have to hire musicians and train them to perform in a band. The Musicians will need to acquire different music instruments and tracks to show their skills and creativity.

3 modes will be available to the players:

Mix and create

With a simple drag & drop mechanism, users can create song mixes. Song mixes are a combination of several soundtracks’ loops with different instruments. With dozens of instruments and variants of soundtracks the players will be able to create unlimited varieties of mixes in the game.

PvE: Play to earn

Before cooking, you need to learn how to cook! After hiring musicians with complementary skills you will train them in the PvE mode to become a real band. Players will have to recognize instruments within song mixes to earn rewards.

PvP: Battle mode

In the PvP mode, up to 5 different bands will be battling together. The fastest player to recognize the instruments will earn the master prize. To enter those challenges, users will need to bet an entry fee.

A Multiverse owned by players and creators

Our multiverse is aimed to be owned and governed by the community of players and creators. That is why the treasury of Cadenverse will be redistributed to reward active contribution and creation within the ecosystem. All users will be incentivized to participate in the development and decision making of the multiverse.

Thanks to the progressive distribution of our governance token, we will ensure that the governance is truly decentralized and benefits the whole community. Cadenverse token ($CDV) is the native cryptocurrency behind our multiverse which will be used for governance, staking and ownership.

How to join Cadenverse?

We have completed our first private rounds of funding and will soon open pre-sales on Polkastarter for individuals to acquire Cadenverse token ($CDV) as early birds. Please follow our website and Telegram group to be updated on the latest information related to the pre-sales.

All the investments are expected to fund the development and continuous improvement of the platform for the next 5 to 10 years.

Cadenverse studio is actively working with alpha users to gather feedback and provide the best experience for our players and creators. “Looper Band” will be launched in May on the Web.

Come join the Music multiverse!




Cadenverse is a Music Multiverse from Amanotes (with 120 million monthly active users) focusing on building casual music creation and gaming platform.