Welcome to the Caelestis Gaming Network!

Good Afternoon folks!

Over the past month, we’ve been hard at work here at the Caelestis Gaming Headquarters getting everything ready of this exciting day. After filtering through numerous applicants of amazing broadcasters, conducting various interviews, and having way too much coffee, we are excited today to announce our official roster!

Before we do that though, we’d like to take an opportunity to answer a more pressing question:

‘What is Caelestis Gaming?’

Twitch is home to over two million prodigious and talented Broadcasters, many of whom are driven by passion, purpose, and values that make them unique. Every day, thousands of these individuals are embraced by the incredible and loving communities that they have amassed on the platform, and no matter how big or small, Broadcasters take pride knowing that their hard work is shared and recognized by individuals they can call, family.

The purpose of the Caelestis Gaming Network is to band together an assortment of Broadcasters on the platform that share similar values, interests, and aspire to enhance their experience on Twitch. We want to work together to create new social networks, cooperatively achieve goals, create new friendships and help our collective communities come together, united as a Family on Twitch.

Our Network holds three very important values at its core:

‘Equality, Responsibility and Honesty’

With our values in mind, we want to create a team that is relevant, passionate, and eager to do more. Through common interest and dedication we hope to achieve success, together. We will help each other along the way, and through shared experiences we will learn from our mistakes and work side by side to improve, learn and grow.

In closing, we are the Caelestis Gaming Network: The Divine Broadcasters of Twitch. We are excited for the road ahead, and hope you will be a part of our adventure.

With that stated, we are excited to announce our Staff and Official Roster!

Our Staff:
Lowell — aka. Dardanos_Of_Fate — Founder and Executive Director | www.twitch.tv/dardanos_of_fate

Nate — aka. Nds711d — Community Manager and Assistant Director | www.twitch.tv/nds711d

Steven — aka. IamWacky — Public Relations Officer | www.twitch.tv/iamwacky_

Our Broadcasters:

Andre — aka. AndreAwesome | www.twitch.tv/andre_awesome

Donovan — aka. 14dklein | www.twitch.tv/14dklein

Megan — aka. Celliron | www.twitch.tv/celliron

Justin — aka. Exanosis | www.twitch.tv/exanosis_

Sam — aka. Fireema | www.twitch.tv/fireema

Brandon — aka. TheKillrBz | www.twitch.tv/thekillrbz

Frank — aka. Xylofreak |www.twitch.tv/xylofreak

We want to thank all of the amazing individuals who applied, and rest assured we will always be looking to add more to our roster in the future! If you have any questions please reach out to our Community Manager or contact us at support@caelestisgaming.ca

‘So, what’s next?’

For all of us here at the Caelestis Gaming Headquarters, we are eager to get started and work closely with these amazing and talented Broadcasters. In the coming weeks we will be unveiling our newly renovated website! Here we will have all the information you need in one place! Events, Team Information, A list of our roster and individual Broadcaster pages where you can learn a little more about them, you’ll even be able to watch their broadcasts straight from our site!

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks ahead! Make sure to follow Caelestis Gaming on Twitter for the latest updates on what our Network is up to.

All the best,

Your Friends at the Caelestis Gaming Network

Twitter: www.twitter.com/CaelestisGaming

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CaelestisGaming

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/communities/caelestisgaming

Official Site: www.caelestisgaming.ca