Alex Puig
Alex Puig
Aug 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Thanks to Christian Reitwiessner. This is a summary of his last talk. Among many changes made, some warnings became errors in this new version. More changes focusing in safety. Main changes are :

  • Explicit visibility : Visibility must be specified, it was a warning, now is an error

function withdraw() public {…}

  • Constructor syntax : Constructor can’t be the name anymore:

constructor() public {….}

  • Emit is now needed for events

emit Withdrawn();

  • Explicit types. Now var is disallowed and you need to specify the type

0.4 → for (var i=0; i<length; i++)

0.5 → for (uint i=0; i<length; i++)

  • Data Location. To specify a data location is function sum(uint[] a);

0.5 → function sum(uint[] memory a);

  • Storage Pointers have to be initialized and assigned

0.4 → Data p; // valid in 0.4 by default it points to storage

0.5 → participants.length += 1

Data storage p = participants[participants.length-1]; // in 0.5

  • Function-scoped variables. Solidity now uses regular scope blocks like c++, not like JavaScript anymore. Only exception being made in the for loop. It allows now to define a variable inside of a scope, which will be freed at the end of the scope, allowing us to pass the limitation of 16 variables per function.

0.4 → i=3;

if (false) { uint i;} // This will not work anymore

0.5 → for (uint i = 0…) // This works and you can declare it many times.

  • Functionality Improvements

a.pop(); // for storage arrays



enums and strcts in interfaces

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