Caendra Tech goes to Symfony Day 2018!

— by Augusto Lamona, Web Developer at Caendra Inc.

The conference

For the third year in a row, Caendra’s Tech team went in full force to the Symfony Day, an event dedicated to the the famous framework. This years event was held in the fabulous city of Verona, Italy, the birthplace of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” and was organized by GrUSP, an association established in 2003 to spread the love and best practices of the PHP programming language, as well as provide the Italian community the opportunity for many tech conventions throughout the year.

In anticipation of an action-packed two days, the team arrived on Wednesday, so we could prepare ourselves for the workshops on Thursday and the conference on Friday.

Thursday’s workshops offered attendees the option of two great topics:

  • CQRS/Event Sourcing for Symfony developers which aimed to raise awareness of the basics of CQRS/ES starting from a theoretical approach up to the implementation of a use case
  • Developing using Symfony 4.x shared what’s new with the latest SF release, from theory to an implemented application.

It was an all-day learning opportunity, and once the workshops concluded, we were able to rest up and then head out for a tasty tigelle dinner, where we were able to debrief and discuss our key takeaways.

The Caendra Tech team while ..debriefing

The following day the conference kicked-off with a GrUSP presentation, followed by an interesting talk hosted by Michele Orselli titled A dive into Symfony4 for a Symfony user, which provided an overview on the new release features.

We then got the opportunity to hear from Samuele Lilli. In his presentation on Autowire All The Things!, he covered the concept of autowiring a service (a feature implemented from Symfony 3.3) and explained how you could take advantage of it easily.

After a quick coffee break, Nelson Kopliku taught us how to use API Platform with his High-Quality APIs with API Platform. Through this tool, you can develop and deploy functional web-services platform, saving a lot of time.

The next talk, PHPCR & API Platform: What it really means to build a CMF, Salvatore Pollai gave the very basics on how to build a CMF (a framework that makes it easier for developers to create applications with CMS functionalities). In particular, he described how his team used Doctrine PHPCR ODM and API Platform to build a CMF, ultimately exposing its functionality based on REST paradigm.

Following lunch, the talks resumed with one of the most interesting talks at the conference: Symfony + Docker, from the development environment to production, by Alessandro Lai. He presented a stream of continuous integration & delivery that he perfected over the last year on various Symfony applications; starting from the common use of Docker Compose in local, he used the same configuration in the build environment to better mix Docker images and configurations, taking advantage of different measures and optimizations and then arriving at images ready for production.

Next, Antonello D’Ippolito presented his topic on Composer: write a melody with your dependencies, in which he provided a brief analysis on what it is and does, as well as its basic commands, the constraints and the semantic versioning up to the package repositories, in addition to how to choose a dependency, or how to resolve a conflict on the composer.lock.

After a quick coffee break, Alessandro Lai concluded the conference with the final talk, which was on: Adding Event Sourcing to an existing PHP project (for the right reasons). He gave us a way to add Event Sourcing to an already existing project (without eradicating the rest or rewriting it), to solve a specific problem (reporting and its historization) for which this methodology proved to be the perfect solution.


It’s always a pleasure to participate in these kinds of events. We also want to give a special thanks to the GrUSP for giving us a way to remain up to date with new technologies that come out, and also the opportunity to keep in touch with the Symfony and PHP Italian community. As a final note here is the link to see the slides of all the talks presented this year.

We look forward to seeing you at the next conference!