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Improvised Spinach Salad

Bad idea or stroke of genius?

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a quick meal but you have no plan?

This happened to me today. I needed lunch in a hurry but I had been so absorbed by writing that I did not think about it until my stomach made loud calls.

When nature tells you that you need a feed, the instant reaction is to rush towards the fridge. That’s where the action is.

OK… What do I have here? I have some washed chopped spinach in a container. I prepared it yesterday. I could either cook the spinach or have it in a salad.

Ham on a half bone

Next, I noticed that I still had some ham on a bone. Incidentally, that’s the ham that the supermarked sells as semi-boneless. I have never quite understood what half-boned could possibly mean, even with a dirty mind. Is it similar to being half-pregnant?

I grab the block of cheese just in case…

Avocadoes go well in any salad

Then I spot a bag of avocadoes on the table. They are always a very useful contributor to my diet. Aside from containing healthy fats, they have plenty of dietary fibre. Due to a good local supply of reasonaly-priced avocadoes, I have one almost every day.

Now what do I do with all this stuff?

In went the spinach. Then I sort of cubed the ham, the cheese and the avocado. By cube I mean the cubism of Picasso. I just chopped everything and pretended that there was some art to it.

Oh and what should the dressing be?

Tabasco in a salad dressing. You will love it!

Out of nowhere I came up with this weird idea. I added tomato sauce (ketchup) and Tabasco Sriracha. I mixed the whole lot and it worked!

It worked so well that by the time I realised I needed a photo for this article, most of it had gone.

I strongly recommend that you try this salad. The ham adds protein and salt. The cheese adds dairy. The avocado and spinach have all the goodness of a nutritious salad. Finally. the slightly sweet but spicy combination of ketchup and tabasco will make your day.




I tend to be creative when by myself hence the “Cafe for One” name. Stay tuned for easy-to-make special meals for yourself and others.

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I write to challenge my audience through creative ideas and pertinent observations. I do not feed any particular worldview.

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