A stack of Post-Its and a dream

Announcing an as-yet untitled webseries about content strategy

So, hello.

I’m the content strategist at Pixo, a tech and design agency in downstate Illinois.

When I was hired as the (emphasis on the, as in only) content strategist at Pixo, I had… little to no idea what content strategy was. I stumbled into the office with little more than a stack of Post-Its and a dream. Two years later, I’ve learned so much! I’m finally at a place where I can look back on my bedraggled, innocent, non-content strategist self and imagine what I wish she’d known.

I’ll be writing (on Medium) and talking (on YouTubes) about these lessons and posting them regularly, with the hopes of starting dialogue among UX and content strategy folks, and mayhaps helping other content strategy babies along the way.

Oh, also I need to think of a name.

Stay tuned.