Celebrating our values — 2018 edition

In what is now an annual tradition, Pixonauts gathered for our last staff meeting of the year and celebrated 2018. In addition to a slideshow recapping our year with both laughter (oh, the GIFs and Slack spoofs!) and serious reflections (Kleenex, anyone?), we recognized members of the Pixo team who exemplify our values.

Our 2018 Core Value Award winners are:

Joanna with last year’s winner Brian “BDub” Walters.

We’re Honest and Transparent — Joanna Troutman

Last year’s winner, BDub, passing the torch to Ben.

We Demand Quality of Ourselves and Each Other — Ben Young

Jason Berg recognizing Nicole. Last year’s winner Terence McGhee couldn’t be present.

We’re on our Client’s Team — Nicole Moore

Jason (aka “Jray”) with last year’s winner Lindsey Gates-Markel.

We Take Initiative — Jason Rambeck

Steve with last year’s winner Landi Najarro.

We Invest — Steve Zazeski

Lori with last year’s winner Landi.

Diversity Makes us Stronger — Lori Gold Patterson

Allie receives her award from Renee Sliwa (in place of last year’s winner Steve Griffith).

We Are Committed to Work Life Balance — Allie Ofisher

Last year’s winner Matt Fotzler with Mel.

People Come First — Melinda Miller

What a way to end the year! We’re counting our blessings that we work with such a talented, caring group, and we’re looking forward to accomplishing amazing things with our clients in 2019! Happy New Year to all.