Spair: September 2021 Updates

We listened to your feedback and acted!

Chris and I have been hard at work continuing to build Spair, the easiest way to add student loan repayment to any employee benefits package.

We’re passionate about simplifying the process of setting up employer based educational assistance programs and have remained vigilant in helping spread awareness about these often overlooked employee benefits.

Software Updates

  • Employers can set up their employee’s student loan benefits during the account creation step and bulk upload employees via CSV file. Previously, the employer would add individual employees onto the platform and then was prompted to set up the employee’s student loan contributions. We combined these steps for easier onboarding.
  • Auto-pay invoices and in-house ACH payments. We moved our invoicing to an in-house solution powered through our partners Stripe and Plaid. Customers who wish to continue using for payments can do so for the near future, but we will be ultimately sunsetting that protocol. Auto-pay and in-house payments were built to keep all information central to the Spair platform and eliminate the risk of delayed student loan payments to your employees.
  • New Invoice Filters. Employers can now sort invoices by date and search for invoices based on date range to help with aggregating historic records.


We are excited to announce we recently partnered with Revel Transit granting our qualifying customers the opportunity to extend discounts for Revel’s moped service to their employees. For information on participating in the discount program, please reach out to our team directly.


Spair is the easiest way to add student loan repayment to your employee benefits package. We offer a full software solution and the best customer support team in the business. If you’d like to request a demo of our product, you can do so here.


Offer student loan repayment to your employees and their kids as a benefit. Qualify for payroll tax deductions through the CARES act. Become more competitive in the job seeker market. Avoid employee churn costs with increased employee retention.


Receive employer student loan contributions for yourself and your kids. Manage student loans in a centralized location. Contribute “Spair” change toward student loans. Crowdfund student loan repayment.



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