Caissa Stories: How We Helped Raisin Hire A Process Owner Continuous Delivery

Sometimes, it takes businesses a while to find a new employee. Especially if the role is very specific, the niche novel, or the company culture extremely unique. In such cases, it might be very tempting to hire someone who is OK and hope it will all work out.

It takes a great deal of patience and focus to spot the right person who would become an indispensable member of the team. And this is what this lesson was about. We are happy to share our learnings with you.

How we helped Raisin hire a Process Owner Continuous Delivery

To begin, let us introduce the company.

Raisin is a dynamic, successful, and quickly growing FinTech company based in Berlin, that aims at making savings and investments digitally accessible to maximize customer benefit. Raisin’s goal is to provide customers all over Europe with simple, secure, and profitable savings and investment products. With over 150,000 customers and 8bn EUR in assets under management, they are working with 53 banks to give customers access to exclusive saving and investment products from all over Europe.
The company is well-funded, well-recognized in the industry and has grown significantly over the last few years. This, along with a great tech team, makes them one of the leading FinTech companies in Europe.

Pretty impressive, right?

So, this very company was looking for someone with prior experience in DevOps, product ownership, QA and release management to join their team in Berlin and be responsible for the successful release management and deployment cycle.

Once we accepted the challenge and did our preliminary search, we realized that the role was quite tricky. We identified the following limitations:

  1. Release Managers often come from large corporations, which means they mostly don’t have the experience of a Process Owner and often lack the “start-up mentality”.
  2. People whom we contacted were either too focused on the technology side and not enough on the process ownership, or the other way around.
  3. There are really not many Process Owners with CI/CD experience in Berlin.

Despite the long search process, Konstanty managed to find the right person who fits the role perfectly matching all the expectations and willing to relocate to Berlin from London.

And here we share the learnings that helped both us and Raisin secure a new member in their tech team:

  1. There should be constant feedback between the hiring company and recruiters.
  2. The search criteria must be regularly reviewed and re-adjusted to match the market situation and the hiring company’s requirements.
  3. Sometimes, it involves redefining the position itself (even to the point of changing the job title).
  4. When you find a high-potential candidate, make sure everyone is aligned and able to move forward quickly, as the speed and transparency of the process are key to success.
  5. Make sure that the candidate and hiring managers are on the same page in their expectations.
  6. Once you find your prospective employee, make an offer they cannot refuse.

Let’s hear what Raisin have to say about our mutual recruitment process:

Finding a suitable Process Owner Continuous Delivery was a very long journey indeed, it was one of the longest lasted open positions since Raisin exists. We internally had a lot of meetings to sharpen the profile and to brainstorm new ways and funnels of finding suitable candidates because we did not want to compromise on our expectations. We tried a large range of different recruiting channels and are really happy about Caissa’s support throughout the whole process and the positive outcome.