Hiring in Tech & Candidate Experience: Utopia vs. Reality

Wilbur von Biscuit
Dec 21, 2018 · 6 min read

Our 2018 Survey among Tech Professionals in Berlin

The purpose of the event was to discuss the results of our tech recruitment survey we did this summer and, together, try to address the existing problems in that area.

How to not spam tech candidates

From the survey, we learned that a tech professional in Berlin gets 17.8 recruitment messages per month. That’s on average. For some, this number goes beyond 100. Our panel speaker Guilherme Dantas counted 97 notifications from recruiters in his inbox over the past month.

The role of the tech team in the hiring process

Our survey respondents were frustrated with non-tech recruiters and stressed by the fact that tech employees are not involved in hiring developers and engineers. We asked our panelists to comment on the role of the tech teams and tech leaders in the recruitment process.

Assessing candidates’ skills: interviews, coding challenges, take-home tests…

Of all the ways to test one’s tech skills, our respondents found technical interviews, a day in the office, and home assignments the most useful. Surprisingly, whiteboard interviews, home assignments, and pair programming sessions were regarded as the most useless.

What makes it work between the candidate and the company?

Talking about a perfect recruitment process, our panel speakers shared what, in their experience, helps establish a good relationship between the company and its candidates.

Why do candidates reject job offers?

We’ve learned that a good salary, colleagues to learn from, flexible working arrangements, and strong company culture are the key ingredients of an un-refusable job offer. Our speakers shared the popular reasons for rejecting an offer.

On the remote work in Berlin

For 22% of our Berlin survey respondents, working from home is an issue when it comes to job offers. So, the question from the audience was whether companies in Berlin are considering to allow their employees to work from home. In Alexey’s and Tobias’ opinion, this would not be the best option.

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Stories about Technology Recruitment. Advice for job interviews and Hiring IT Talent.