Introducing Caisson ID Check

Derek Gottfrid
Aug 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Let’s begin with a simple question: if we know who each other are, can we do more together? Perhaps it’s obvious, but the answer to that question is a resounding YES. When we know each other even just a little bit — when there’s a baseline of trust — we’re able to accomplish more, faster.

The quickest way to start to know each other is your trusty old ID. Thousand of interactions start with your ID: every time you check into a hotel room, every time you go to a bar, every time you rent a car or start a new job or pick up your kid from a new after school program. All of these experiences, all based on a need for trust, start with the ID Check. It’s easy in person. Simple. I hand you my ID, you look at it, and we’re good. We skip miles ahead in trusting each other, because we’ve established an outside guarantee that we are who we say we are.

But for every company today that does their business online — and that is to say, nearly every company — the baseline of trust conveyed by an ID check is out of reach. Online, these companies still need that foundation of trust. Unlike your local bar or summer camp, however, they have to figure out how to do it using crude tools designed for other purposes. Perhaps you are one of these companies. Maybe you’ve cobbled together piecemeal half-solutions to establishing a baseline of trust with your customers. You’re checking emails or phone numbers and calling that good enough. Or, you’ve ceded the authority to a big blue-logo social network, and hope if your customers have gone through the trouble of setting up an account there, that’s good enough. It seldom is good enough, however, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s still no substitute for a simple ID check.

Caisson is creating a better way of establishing trust over the internet. A simple product that’s accessible to every company; a product that quickly, securely, and affordably checks ID’s over the internet. Something that’s easy for any company to use because it doesn’t require engineering resources or contracts to sign to get started. No minimum commitments, no code. It’s as easy as asking for an ID in person. We give you a link, you pass it to your customer, and in seconds you reach that level of trust that used to be out of reach for internet businesses. That’s something even the staunchest bouncer can approve of.

Trust unlocks a new world of opportunity for you. We’re here to make that happen.

Come check us out.

Caisson ID

Towards a More Trusting Internet

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