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Invent and Wander: We grow from trying new things that haven’t been done before — CakeResume 2021 Hiring

CakeResume — the online multimedia resumer builder.

The genesis of CakeResume

5 years ago, our founder started CakeResume, one of the earliest online multimedia resumes/CV builders in the world. The idea was simple: Building a hybrid of a professional resume and an online personal brand with a web-based multimedia document editor.

Since it launched, it has been attracting the attention of job seekers in the digital and IT spaces. Today, CakeResume is the market leader in my home country of Taiwan, and one of the fastest growing talent platforms in Asia. We are not the biggest but we keep providing the most innovative service among our peers.

We believe we made a dent in the talent recruitment but our adventure is just getting started.

What we do

We help the hiring managers behind businesses talk to their future colleagues — like people. And we’re always looking for different approaches of creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet winning teams by connecting them and enabling them to talk to each other through online tailored profiles, experience sharing events, podcasts and many more.

We do this work because we ourselves are people who keep exploring and growing ourselves, and appreciate people help the people that makes life great.

Get inspired every day

I joined CakeResume in 2019, and wrote an article about my decision to join. I like to believe it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Because of the nature of being a talent platform that connects talents with hiring teams, I often get inspired by the most innovative companies, the most talented career seekers, and the most ingenious teammates. I learn new things everyday through interacting with different people. It’s like opening to all the richness of the world.

Invention is the root of our growth

At CakeResume, we’re on a mission to drive innovation. Not only on a company level but within each individual. Working at CakeResume will give you the opportunity to share, hone, and add to your skillset each and every day. When knowledge becomes open, we can come together as a team to collaborate around a shared purpose.

Expect something to happen? Be part of us! 🙌

At CakeResume, everyone has the capacity to make an impact on the business. There are always new problems to solve, new things to learn, and new people to learn from. If you are result-oriented, and always focus on driving results in a measurable way to ensure we stay focused on the highest impact initiatives, and are always dreaming about building something that creates impact. Come join us!

Here are a few keywords for hiring:
Software Engineer
Business Development Associate (Why CakeResume Business Development?)
SaaS Sales Manager
Recruitment Consultant

Apply here

If you have a dream like us and you are match any of the keywords above, drop me a message and let’s talk.



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