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Our 6.0 Fellows 🚀

Cal Hacks Fellowship is a 12-week program for some of the most promising ideas from Cal Hacks’s fall hackathon. Its goal is to help hackers take their ideas beyond the hackathon and help build them into startups, nonprofit ventures, and successful side projects. Despite everything going remote, the program’s hard work continued at the same velocity.

This year, our Demo Day will be a private event on Tuesday, May 5th from 5–7:30pm PT. If you’re an investor that would like an invite and/or access to their pitch decks, shoot me an email.

Here is a glimpse at some of our teams:


Bridging the gap between applicants and recruiters

With only 7 seconds to look over a resume and a loss of $15,000 for every bad hire, it is both extremely difficult and important to identify the best candidate for every job opening. TalentBridger is a platform that allows applicants to display their intangible skills to recruiters through a series of scientifically-backed games and simulations. By analyzing the candidate’s interpersonal and soft skills, companies can identify individuals who align with their culture and values to move them forward in their hiring pipeline. Founders Kelly Ruan and Nicholas Guan are helping applicants obtain the opportunities that they deserve while helping companies discover talented individuals that may otherwise have been overlooked.


Build sustainable habits by placing bets and earning money

With Everest, people build sustainable habits by joining challenges with others, making a bet on themselves, and earning money. Currently testing with UC Berkeley students, Everest has 400 monthly active users and growing more than 10% every week without any marketing spend. Entirely through organic referrals, Everest has reached students from other universities like Cornell and University of Washington. They have secured more than 1% of the UC Berkeley undergraduate population and are aiming to secure 10% of UC Berkeley students by the end of the year. Everest is founded by Yoonseok Yang, and the early version of Everest was developed in Cal Hacks 6.0 with the help from Michael Wang, James Peterson, and Joshua Wong.


Perfect Automated Dubbing and Subtitling for Online Content

The internet is rapidly evolving — its international presence growing at a rate of 200 million people per annum. V A T T is a software as a service aiming to remove the barrier between English-speaking content creators and this rapidly expanding, under-serviced non-English speaking market on the internet. We provide a means of easy interaction between the creator and the consumer through automatic dubbing, subtitling and transcription of online content — see a demo here. Founders Arushi Somani, Anton Zabreyko, Tinchen Liu and Crystal Wang bring together a complementary skill set in machine learning, linguistics and development to bring this project to life. They pride themselves on our affordability, accuracy, and online creator focus.


Translating video of sign language gestures to audible speech in real-time

250,000 Americans rely on American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate, and less than half of ASL speakers participate in the labor force. Sigum is a video call extension for sign language speakers, bridging communication barriers between the deaf community and English speakers. Through deep learning software, Signum translates video of ASL gestures to audible speech in real-time on existing video call platforms such as Zoom and Skype. With a $20 billion worldwide market for sign language translation, Signum is initially focusing on helping ASL speakers aged 15–44 tackling workplace inclusivity. Founders Sahil Mehta, Arth Vidyarthi, Raghav Singh, and Suyash Jaju are united by their dedication to disability advocacy and workplace inclusion.


Degree planning, made simple

Across the US, 19.9 million college students struggle to navigate long term college course planning and the challenges of balancing meaningful classes with fulfilling degree requirements in order to graduate, with very few utilizing their university’s own schedule planner. GradTrak seamlessly integrates classes, requirements, and personalized degree planning all in one place, visually displaying the progress students are making towards graduation. Founders Danial Khan, Nicholas Ngai, Vi Nguyen, Constance Shi and Bryan Wu hope to bring their vision of streamlined schedule planning to life, enabling college students to make the most of their college years.


The power is in your mind

ImagiGAN aims to revolutionize the process of feature specific data generation using machine learning. With a 2.4 bullion market, ImagiGAN’s first product in its suite is DeepCriminalize — a tool for police officers to generate an ultra-realistic looking picture of a criminal from a witness description within a few seconds. DeepCriminalize has the potential of being used by every police office around the world. Founders Tejvir Jogani, Saurav Banka, Reina Wang, and Anikait Singh hope to use their deep research experience to change the way police officers work.

If you’d like to get in touch with any of our companies, feel free to reach out to me at and I can set up an introduction.

See this story to learn more about Fellowship, some previous teams here, and the Cal Hacks website to learn more about our organization!



Deevy Bhimani
Cal Hacks

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