Transformative Arts

California prison arts programs, existing in possibility, the power of language, and our collective liberation

“The future is already alive in each of us.”

– adrienne maree brown, We Will Not Cancel Us

Vulnerability and accountability

Through our own agency transformation journey, our team has been empowered to coordinate this program — a program that has the immense responsibility and capability to mold our justice model from one of punishment and retribution to one that sees the possibility and humanity of each person experiencing incarceration.

Transformative Arts Program Manager Mariana Moscoso, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and former TA participant LeMar “Maverick” Harrison at the UCLA Connecting Art for Law and Liberation conference in Los Angeles in 2019.

Make changes, learn, and grow

We wanted to focus on the positive aspects of the program that can transform people’s lives — because art gives people the opportunity and tools to imagine other possibilities for themselves, their communities, and the world.

Language has power

This name change is possibly one of the greatest accomplishments our team has made because it culminates our ambitions to center the voices and wishes of and reinforces our accountability to our program participants toward their own healing and transformation journey.

Faces of transformation

Like our program participants, we are evolving and transforming to the type of program that sees not only the possibility of change, but the future that is already alive in each and every one of us — a future deeply rooted in our humanity.



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Mariana Moscoso

Arts in Corrections Program Manager at the California Arts Council