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July 13, 2021

How hybrid work will change the office
Many companies are embracing hybrid work schedules and are reinventing how offices operate by using shared workstations. The downside is that employees don’t have the comfort of having their own desk and the personal touches that go with it.
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What to consider as companies reevaluate health care costs
As companies evaluate employee health care costs, they should account for factors such as the likelihood employees will seek procedures deferred during the height of the pandemic. Companies should not cut too much into health care plans if they want to remain competitive.
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Investment CFO: Empathy is one of the greatest untaught qualities
One of the most important leadership traits isn’t taught in many books.
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How to combat fatigue when you work remotely
Working from home can offer flexibility and other advantages, but it can also be fatiguing both mentally and physically. Here are several tips for addressing this problem.
U.S. News & World Report
— — -
Why you need policies for digital nomads
Companies must take steps to manage digital nomads — people who travel and work at the same time, rather than sticking to a fixed address. Policies should account for regulatory and legal risks digital nomads pose while recognizing the value nomads create.
Harvard Business Review
— — -
Preparing for Shareholder Activism
CFOs should proactively address potential areas of activist attention to reduce the chances of becoming the target of a campaign.

Five Missed Opportunities to Serve Clients
What we know that clients don’t even know they need.
CPA Trendlines
— — -
3 Challenges Small Business Owners Are Facing Now
Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many small-business owners are feeling less than certain about the future. While their needs may vary from industry to industry, all of them are facing some of the same obstacles — and accounting professionals can help.
— — -
How to Successfully Sell Your Small Business
Whether they’re looking to retire or are simply ready for their next career move, your small-business-owning client may decide they’d like to sell their company.

U.S. SEC focuses on bank fee conflicts as it steps-up SPAC inquiry -sources
The U.S. securities regulator has ramped-up its inquiry on Wall Street’s blank check acquisition frenzy, homing in on potential conflicts of interest created when banks act as underwriters and advisers on the same deal.

Sorting the tax consequences of settlements and judgments
This article discusses issues taxpayers should consider during a litigation or arbitration process.
The Tax Adviser

Gen Z looks for ways to avoid using email
There is a generational divide over email use, with younger people turning to tools such as Google Docs, Zoom and iMessage for collaboration, according to a Creative Strategies study. Some members of Generation Z cite stress caused by email and other problems.
The New York Times
— — -
The best parts of Windows 11 are already in Windows 10. You just have to enable them
You can take advantage of the advanced hardware security features in Windows today without having to load any beta code.
— — -
Watch out for your email inbox because one of the biggest ransomware botnets is back
After being taken down by Microsoft and the Pentagon ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the group behind Trickbot is up and running again.




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