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Aug. 31, 2021

Steps for onboarding a remote employee
Onboarding a remote employee requires a plan different from that of welcoming an in-person employee. Steps should include monitoring progress carefully and introducing employees to their team before work begins.
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Study shows direct listings outperforming IPOs
A study shows companies that have gone public through direct listings have achieved returns higher than those of the S&P 500 and an index for initial public offerings. Businesses that use direct listings don’t raise cash by going public and are generally already in strong financial shape.
CFO Dive
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Help Employees Thrive During Disruption
When employees feel they have no control over their futures or fear what comes next, productivity, innovation, and collaboration stall.

How to manage the fear of exhausting savings
Some people are reluctant to spend down savings after leaving the workforce, limiting their ability to achieve retirement goals. However, there are many ways to manage the fear of running out of money, such as by delaying Social Security benefits.
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Scammers prey on confusion about student-loan forgiveness
With discussions continuing about student-loan forgiveness, scammers are adding to the confusion. Here are steps for spotting a student-loan scam and a discussion of what to do if you have been targeted.

Democratic lawmakers drop idea for a California statewide vaccine mandate
Democratic lawmakers have dropped a controversial proposal to mandate vaccines in the state, a move that would have been challenging to pass in the final weeks of the legislative session and was already providing fodder for the upcoming recall election.
SF Chronicle

Small changes can be a big drain on mental energy
Change fatigue can reduce engagement and productivity. But there are ways employers can support employees so they stay focused and motivated.
CPA Insider
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Survey: Changed Rules Bust Busy Season
It was a pretty bad busy season for most of the nation’s tax preparers. COVID-19 was on the wane, but Congress was on the job, jiggering tax rules even as the season was underway.
— — -
Are you prepared for the accounting treatment of crypto?
It’s time that we start talking about accounting and crypto as the digital currency seems to be on a roll.
— — -
4 reasons staff remain with a firm
If any three are present, it is unlikely someone would leave. If all four are present, then anyone who would leave is not someone you should want to stay.
— — -
An accountability partner will help you reach your goals
Summer is a great time to refocus on important planning at your firm. You’ve probably set many goals for the year ahead, but it can get lonely on the journey toward reaching them. Having an accountability partner not only makes the process more fun, but it will keep you motivated and prevent you from lying to yourself or sliding off the rails.
— — -
CPA Independence Considerations and COVID-19
When changes within the profession happen rapidly as it did with COVID-19, CPAs need to be even more vigilant over the public interest and to have a heightened focus on ethics.

Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program enters supplemental phase
The SBA is sending out invitations for Shuttered Venue Operators Grant recipients to apply for supplemental funding from the $16.25 billion program. Supplemental award applicants can choose to apply for any amount up to 50% of their original SVOG award, subject to a $10 million cap of the initial and supplemental awards combined.
Journal of Accountancy

Court says statutory language precludes substance-over-form analysis
The US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has held that Roth IRAs’ foreign sales corporation shares should not be re-characterized as owned by the Roth IRAs’ beneficiaries, reversing the Tax Court.
The Tax Adviser
— — -
Employers and employees hit by tax issues from remote work out of state
With more people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they and their companies are facing tax issues, even if they’ve relocated to a low-tax state.

6 ways to bolster the human element of cybersecurity
Cybercriminals often rely on human psychology to find vulnerabilities within an organization, but there are ways to bolster defenses against these attacks. Here are six tips for encouraging employees to take a proactive role in cybersecurity.
Harvard Business Review




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