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Sept. 27, 2021

Are cameras really necessary for remote meetings?
Some employees feel uncomfortable being on camera for videoconferences, a feeling companies should account for when crafting policies for remote meetings. Workers might not want to be on camera for a variety of reasons but feel pressured to do so because of explicit policies or because of the perception they are less engaged when cameras are off.
CNN Business
— — -
These benefits can build an appealing work environment
This article reviews a number of benefits, including identity theft protection and student-loan repayment, and discusses some of the tax implications for employers.
Small Business Trends
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How to begin a new job when working remotely
Starting a new job while working remotely can be anxiety-inducing, so here are several tips for making a good impression. They include setting up your home office before the first day and asking for a contact who can answer small questions.
— — -
5 operating modes every new manager should master
Transitioning from contributor to manager is difficult, so here is a five-point operating system to guide new managers through scenarios they’ll face.
— — -
Getting ready for major changes
The pandemic has been a reminder of the potential for rapid change and the need to prepare for uncertain conditions. Here is a look at how to adapt, beginning with assessing changes in your industry and in your organization.
Harvard Business Review

The best and worst ways Americans have spent their stimulus money
Americans were slower to spend the third round of checks than they were the first.
— — -
As Americans spend, credit card debt is ticking back up
Early in the pandemic, there were encouraging and surprising signs about the decline of credit card debt.

Practitioners’ role in the continuing evolution of Circular 230
Practitioners and organizations they are involved with can participate in facilitating the ongoing applicability and effectiveness of Circular 230.
The Tax Adviser
— — -
Accountants face challenges with ESG reporting
Financial professionals are confronting some big obstacles when it comes to environmental, social and governance reporting, according to a new survey, including competing and sometimes conflicting disclosure frameworks, reporting methodologies and stakeholder demands.
— — -
The future of accounting: co-habitation with bots
The new breed of techno-colleague is here to stay. We can avoid them at our peril, or we can form a mutually beneficial working relationship.

The crypto industry could take tax fight all the way to the Supreme Court
Privacy advocates say new reporting requirements would violate Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Key considerations for 2021 tax planning
It’s important to plan ahead for 2021 tax returns, and there are tax law changes and updates that need to be considered. Here is a look at these changes and how to maximize tax savings.
— — -
Child tax credit money arrives, but some parents say IRS shorted them and ‘it makes no sense why’
After eight days of delay, some families said they finally began seeing money for the Sept. 15 payment of the child tax credit. But not everyone got their money, and, oddly enough, some are complaining that the IRS shorted them this time around.
— — -
The Potential Tax Trap of PFIC Investments
There are many times when a passive foreign investment company (PFIC) investment is made unknowingly and the tax consequences can be adverse.

Preparing for the ‘golden age’ of artificial intelligence and machine learning
The latest ZDNet survey on AI actionability and accountability finds that IT teams are taking a direct lead, with most companies building in-house systems. However, oversight of AI-generated decisions is lagging.




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CalCPA Daily Clips

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