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The Value of A Professional Photographer, or, “Can I Have All the Unedited Photos?”

One photographer’s thoughts on the importance of the editing process.

These photos are supposed to be edited. No, really.

My editing is part of my process, my product, and my style. It’s part of why you hired me.

Lindsey, For A2 Swimwear
Jess, personal work
Tatiana, for A2 Swimwear
Jeff, personal work
Sea Dart, for No. 4 St. James
Megan, for The Fittest Games
On the Road to Hana — Maui, Hawaii
For A2 Swimwear
Echo, personal work

I’ve been culling photos since I bought my first camera, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

Do you really want to look through 5,000 of these?

There has already been an agreement.

So where does this leave us?



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