100% Opt-in Calendar Invitations

Sending a calendar invite through 31Events is no different than sending a meeting request in your business.

You’re hosting a meeting and inviting the marketing and development teams. You pick a day and time, set the agenda, provide details on how to attend, and add email addresses. When done, you press send, and the invite is on it’s way to invitees. They accept, decline or do nothing with it — and the key element is this … you know who has accepted or declined and can reach out to them based upon that.

In our business lives, it’s something we do several times a day (either sending or receiving them). Guess what? 31Events operates exactly like your company’s meeting & calendaring system.

With your 31Events account, we apply the same simple logic to your marketing campaigns and events — the only difference is this … instead sending directly out of 31Events, you have your recipient “opt in” to your event.

We accomplish this in two ways:

1) We automatically generate “coded” links to be used with your Mailchimp, ConstantContact or ExactTarget account.


2) We automatically generate direct links and embed code for your website.

100% opt-in

Today, your customer’s lives are busy, and within our marketing, we need to respect that. Time is something you can never get back or create more of, so we made a decision early on to be 100% opt-in. That’s why we’ve spend so much time providing integration to email service providers and website embedable code.

This way, when we send your event invitation, it is being sent to someone who has requested it. It first lands in their email inbox, but it also lands in their calendar and blocks the allocated time (just like your business meeting request).

Respecting someone’s time is an important aspect of building trust — and that’s how you create life-long customers.

Originally published at 31Events.

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