New Pricing Set for 31Events Pricing Page

We’ve made some big changes to 31Events over the past few months, and today marks the day where we move from that “cool little side project” to full blown Product & Service.

Part of that is putting a price to the service — and for now, we want to make it an easy decision to get started with our simple $10 per month price.

Simple — because, it’s purely month-to-month pricing. You want try it out, pay for a month, use it all you want, and if it doesn’t help, cancel it before the next billing period. Easy and simple.

And we believe you get lots of value for that $10, you can …

— create unlimited invitations
 — you can get the only opt-in box on the market today that sends a live calendar invitation
 — you can easily copy the generated link code and use it in your email marketing campaigns on MailChimp, ConstantContact or ExactTarget.
 — we give over 20 pre-built modals (widgets) to embed in your website through industry standard iFrame
 — we give you the ability to add a coupon to a calendar invitation (no one does that)
 — we provide you live reporting on who has received, accepted or declined your invitation (you can’t get that information with anyone else’s Add to Calendar button)
 — and finally, we are building out a library of really cool things you can do once you start using the Calendar as a marketing tool

All in all, $10 is a bargain, you’re ROI will be through the roof — with payback with your first event. You’ll be amazed at how efficient the calendar is as a marketing tool, with built in drip-marketing capabilities, automatic email + calendar invitation, and just being able to communicate your time-based events in the only place people manage their time — the Calendar.

If you have questions, we’re easy to reach. Just send them along. We love talking about this stuff.

the only live ADD TO CALENDAR button for your email marketing or website

Originally published at 31Events.