What can you do with a link and little imagination?

One the things we did in our latest version of the 31Events, was create the “designers” box. It’s simply one input box and one button provided to you as a iFrame embed. It’s the lowest common element we have within 31Events — but the power behind is amazing.

Below is an example of the box …
It’s a live input box, if you enter your email into it, it will send you a calendar invitation for one of our example events. Go ahead and try it, it’s a live event, that will live in your calendar.

With that one simple box, you can design anything around it, you’re not limited by anything except your imagination. It truly is a masterpiece of simplicity for any page designer (from the most expert to the novice).

Why did we do this? Once again, it was a simple decision — we don’t know every single use case for 31Events. We have our high level vision, and our belief in how it a company would use it, but even if we dreamed up 100 different versions, there would always be someone looking for the 101st.

So, the designers box was born. Check out our example/mockup pages, look through the features page, and see how a simple box can help you imagine the possibilities.

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Originally published at 31Events.

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