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Greg Hanchin
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3 min readJun 5, 2021


How would you send a calendar invite inside an MailChimp template and track the RSVP’s for your event? (Hint- Takes 30 seconds)

get a calendarnack and insert your RSVP button into your template

Step 1 — Send us a Calendar Invite from your Calendar Client. Use create@calendarsnack.com to get your calendarsnack. We will send back to your email address the calendarsnack to get your codes.

Generate the Calendarsnack in 10 seconds.

Step 2- Get your Calendarsnack in your email box.

Click to View in your email and you will see the options to test and retrieve your RSVP Codes.

When a customer Clicks the Button — we track the Y,N,M calendar receipts and provide you a report for each event.

As you use the same email address in your calendar client, and get new calendarsnacks we track calendar receipt data in the reporting engine providing you an ongoing view of all of your event data.

The Button Codes are displayed in the interface and can be copied and inserted into the MailChimp Template in less than 1 minute of generating the Calendarsnack.

The RSVP Codes
RSVP Codes inserted into the MailChimp Template

The completed work flow looks like this. Click the button. Calendar Invite gets sent. Customer gets sent to landing page. We count the RSVP’s.

Completed Workflows

All of your calendarsnacks are available in one Reporting Interface.

Detailed RSVP Tracking for each event.

The complete event detail is available for all Email Marketing Vendors for RSVP Calendar Receipt Data is located here.

Want to give it a try? — We give the first 5 away for free.

4 Minute Overview
Quick 10 slides on RSVP Button

Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions about the project — we have 100+ Videos up on YouTube.