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MailChimp RSVP Button for sending calendar invites in 30 seconds

Simply copy your event off your calendar to us and we send your the RSVP codes for MailChimp
10 seconds to generate and retrieve a calendarsnack
Workflow between the Calendarsnack console and Mailchimp template
You can test the calendarsnack invite in the console and then again in Mailchimp
The customer workflow for the customer
Calendar Client data is captured for Y,N,M and available
We send all your events to the Upcoming landing page for easy RSVP and tracking
The Upcoming Landing page is auto generated and has all upcoming events listed
The URL is designed to be your personal Landing Page to share in social media for easy RSVP.
When you generate a calendarsnack the future event is sent to the Upcoming page
Every time you generate or cancel a calendar invite and send us a copy we update your Upcoming Events Page
This is the Single Event Page review
Access to the Single event Landing pages is in the dashboard
The Single event Landing pages URLS can be copied for RSVP sign up and tracking
We create 4 options for the single event landing page that you can choose
All events are tracked by the organizers email address
Example 1 of detailed reporting
Example 2 of the CSV file report
Example 3 — Upcoming Events Landing Page Reporting details
Call to action — send an email to
Your own domain view provides details to all your customers events
We can deploy the RSVP stack for you in 1 hour or we can give you access to our Cloud Formation Template for your AWS team to deploy in their own account
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