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What is a CalendarLander?

CalendarLander Prebuilt Landing Pages
Generate a calendarsnack with your Calendar Client
50 Second Demo on Create Calendarsnack for Calendar Lander
Single and All Event CalendarLanders are included with all Calendarsnacks created
Retrieve the Calendar Lander Codes for RSVP Signup and Tracking
Single Event Calendar Lander Workflow
Details of the Upcoming Events Calendar Landing Page
CalendarLander Reporting in 1 minute
Detailed Reporting for Single and All Events
The RSVP Codes are ready to go in 10 seconds.
Here is the Workflow for the RSVP Embedded button in MailChimp
Here is the WorkFlow RSVP wrap up
How to get the RSVP Buttons for MailChimp and others
How to CalendarLander



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