What is a CalendarLander?

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3 min readJul 24, 2021


CalendarLander Prebuilt Landing Pages

A Calendar Lander is generated every time a Calendarsnack is created with your google or outlook calendar.

It is a pre built, auto generated Landing page. You can generate one in 10 seconds to promote one event or all upcoming events that you have sent to the headless calendarsnack service.

It contains the information from your calendar invitation and an email box. When a customer uses the modal we send a calendar invite and track the RSVP from their calendar client.

Generate a calendarsnack with your Calendar Client
50 Second Demo on Create Calendarsnack for Calendar Lander

Once you get a calendarsnack in your email you can use the copy code command to use your CalendarLander pages.

Single and All Event CalendarLanders are included with all Calendarsnacks created

The Copy Code Button is a URL for the event and is tied back to the organizer’s email address for reporting.

You just share the URL with anyone you want to attend.

We generate 2 CalendarLanders. One Landing Page for the Single Event. OneLanding Page for all Upcoming Events.

Retrieve the Calendar Lander Codes for RSVP Signup and Tracking
Single Event Calendar Lander Workflow

The Single Event Landing page Workflow looks like this for the CalendarLander.

Share the Page. Email address is entered. Button is clicked. Customer is sent the Calendar Invite and routued to thank you landing page. We track the interaction with the customers Calendar Client for Y,N,M and nothing.

Details of the Upcoming Events Calendar Landing Page

The Multi Events CalenderLander streams the 25 upcoming events sent to the calendarsnack service under the organizers email address.

It sends calendar invites when someone puts their email address in at the top of the page to the individual events listed using the 1 Click RSVP Button.

We then track for Y,N,M and nothing from the Calendar Client of your customer.

CalendarLander Reporting in 1 minute
Detailed Reporting for Single and All Events

Each time a calendarsnack is generated we keep track of all event information from the CalendarLanders used. This is located in the DashBoard. We track for the Single Event and Multi Event Landing Pages of all RSVP’s sent and replied back to.

The RSVP Codes are ready to go in 10 seconds.

But wait ! There is one more thing that comes with every CalendarLander. And that is the RSVP Buttons that can be embedded into your Email Marketing Templates.

Here is the Workflow for the RSVP Embedded button in MailChimp

Grab the code. Insert into your Email Marketing Template. Send out the Campaign.

Here is the WorkFlow RSVP wrap up

When a customer clicks the RSVP Button they are sent to a Thank You landing page and a Calendar Invite is sent and tracked.

How to get the RSVP Buttons for MailChimp and others

A quick look at RSVP Buttons and RSVP Reporting to wrap things up.

TLDR — Go try it yourself. You will get CalendarLanding Pages and RSVP Buttons to promote your events in 10 Seconds.

Send a calendar invite to us at create@calednarsnack.com and you get can started.

Updated Aug 8th. 21 — PDF on the Why use a CalendarLander?

How to CalendarLander