Product updates: smarter calendar integration and group events

We’re excited to share several new features with you, available starting today!

The biggest change? A new Invitee Notification option: the joint calendar event.

JOINT CALENDAR EVENTS (available on Premium plans)

Now, when an invitee schedules 1-on-1 time with you, they can be added as an attendee directly to the event Calendly creates in your Google Calendar. There, they’ll see all the event details you’ve added through Calendly, as well as any edits you might make later.

Whether you need to add a web conference link, update the location or edit the event’s description, your invitee will see it all, so you’re always on the same page.


Click here to for a short guide to creating joint calendar events.


Let’s say your upcoming webinar has been booked full (woo hoo!), but you’d like to squeeze in a few extra participants. Or maybe several spots are still available, but you’d like to prevent additional people from joining.

Now, you can easily update the invitee count of an already-scheduled event right from your dashboard.


Click here for a short guide to editing the invitee count of a scheduled group event.

We also rolled out a beta version of integration with Office 365 and are now accepting testers! Interested? Just send a note to, and we’ll get you set up.

While you check out these updates, we’re already hard at work on additional features to continue providing the best scheduling tool possible. Stay tuned!

Claire Suellentrop is Calendly’s Director of Marketing.